Its moving day....come on over!

I am moving.
To a new home.
But I don't have it fixed up yet....ya know pictures to hang and things to organize. It is in the fancy Wordpress sub-division in Bloggyville so it is going to take some time learning my way around. I am already frustrated with design things. Looks like I am going to have to pick up a copy of HTML for Dummies to survive. Actually I had an insane amount of help moving from Racheal from Cafinated Elf. She is a good sport and can really carry more boxes than you would think!
But I am worried. And I have been since I decided to move. I am so afraid I will lose those of you who subscribe to my blog! I know it is going to require you to re-subscribe...and well, I am afraid you will reconsider or something! So please. Take a moment and subscribe (or bookmark me) to my new address- and make my day!
Easy to say. Easy to Write. And Easy to remember.
All part of my world domination plan.
Yes, I have a plan.
So come on over to the new place.
How can I have a proper blog warming without you?
After all- YOU are the party!


How Blogging found me...

Over at We are THAT of my favorite reads. The discussion of 'How did you start blogging' came up...and so I wanted to tell you HOW I got here.
My father, who has passed away, was adopted with his twin sister at the age of 2 in 1947. A few years before he died, I became obsessed with finding out who his real birth parents were. My whole life he always maintained the same mantra of 'why would I want to know anybody who gave me up?'...but it was different for me. I am a history buff and I had a lifelong yearning to know my true race and family history on BOTH sides of my family. Including medical history. Something you don't realize how important that is- until dad who was struggling with a cough for months before his cancer was diagnosed, who could only answer the 'is there any family history of cancer in your family?' with a "I don't KNOW. I am adopted". Perhaps if he had known....he would have been diagnosed earlier....and be here today to read my blog and laugh with me. Who knows.* night while doing my numerous searches for anything relating to his adoption and birth date (3/01/1945) I clicked on a site called 'OCthen'...which as it turned out was a site with memories about Orange County from various of which was Suzanne Broughton of Emphasis Mine. I linked over to her blog and was...enthralled. I had never visited a personal blog before. Photos of her lunch? Comedy tales about her family? Links to other blogs?....I was in heaven! And so there I stayed. I commented and commented. I followed her over to the OC Register. I commented and commented. Sometimes my comments were longer than the post. Once Suzanne showcased my photography work on her blog. WOW. And eventually Suzanne e-mailed me and said 'You really should have your own blog'....The next night while up at 4 in the morning....I went to Blogger and signed up. And by 7am I had my own blog with my custom header and all.
Here is my first post. And look who was my first commenter. Yup, Suz of course! Blogging was one of the best decisions I have ever made. These are my PEOPLE. My TRIBE. Had this been going on right under my nose? People were being funny and witty and clever all around me? Were there this many people out there with the same sense of humor as me? I thought I was all alone! And now I found my home. My happy place. A place to be heard. To be validated. A place to be accepted and loved. And it gives me such peace of mind that if my glamorous world falls apart around me- I know I will always have a place to call home. A place where anything is possible. Thank you Internet. Thanks for giving me a place to be.....well, ME.
*still searching for my dad's birth family. I won't give up.


Saturday: what a day!

So much to catch you all up on. It has been a busy weekend...lets just take a look at Saturday.
We drove to Hollywood and toured around the city. Showed the kids the house in Larchmont I bought and remodeled before I even knew their dad. This boggled their mind- they have a hard time imagining their mom not being, well...their mom. We went by Grumman's Chinese Theater on Sunset and let the kid put their hands and feet in the cement imprints of the movie stars. It went a little something like this:
Tucker: Mom who is Jackie Cooper? and why are his feet so small?
Me: He was a famous child star a long time ago. His feet are small because he was only 8 when he did this imprint.
Tucker: Oh so he had an agent like me and Jack?
Me: You do not have an agent yet Tucker. We go see the manager guy in a few hours about all that. Now let mommy get a picture of you.
and there was a lot of this:
Me: Oh wow, there is Eddie Murphy's....
Boys: Who is that?
Me: Nevermind.
We then went across the street to the historical and gorgeous Roosevelt Hotel for breakfast. They say it is haunted. I have no beautiful photos for you, since the lobby interior was sporting candle light only which was a photographic nightmare for me since I only had my 'purse' camera. This is a photo of a trickling fountain in the center of the lobby. The last time i was there-I saw Lyle Lovett in a small concert in the ballroom and partied till the wee morning hours with the band afterwards. This time I was chasing my boys around the lobby and repeating the mommy mantra of 'don't touch anything' over and over until we left. Boy things have changed. It really was just as beautiful as I remembered.
And then finally- off to meet with the talent manager (Mr. Manager) that had requested a meeting with the boys. I was (am) beyond sceptical. But we met him and he seemed nice and sincere. He and his team really took a liking to the boys right away. He gave the boys scripts and they did little 'commercials' for him. He seemed impressed. It is strange to have a room full of people talking about your kids like a commodity. "They are so marketable"..or.."yeah, they are an easy sell to any agency" at the end of it he said that we would be able to meet with several different Talent Agencies (some I have already researched and was surprised to find they are extremely reputable in LA) and chances are we would be in a position to pick the agent we liked best. He felt that all the agents he would send the boys too would be interested. It was all very very flattering for my boys. And of course flattering for their mom as well. But I am taking it one day at a time. We go back up on Thursday for all the meetings with Agents. And then we will see where this goes.
We then went to Philippe's for French Dips, chili and potato salad (this historical LA eatery-is 100 years old this year and doesn't look a day over....well, 100). Philips is a place I went to with my own dad on the lucky days that I was able to go to work with him in downtown LA over my summer vacation. On the way home we all gave lots of thought to this whole new crazy world of auditions, headshots and all the other ingredients for possible stardom. I was giving lots of thought to something Mr. Manager said about confidence being a key ingredient in getting booked for work. And if the conversation I heard from the back seat on the way home is any indication of my children's confidence level- then we should be on our way to stardom.
Tucker: Jack after our first movie we could get a secret science lab at the house maybe.
Jack: They don't pay you THAT much Tuck.
Tucker: Oh- well, how much do they pay you?
Jack: I don't know. But I think Mom gets most of it anyway. She might give us enough for new skateboards I bet.
Tucker: oh........what kind are you gonna get?
Jack: Tucker, we have to become stars FIRST...then we can spend the money.
Hey, you think I could buy them new skateboards now-and they would forget the whole thing?......I know, I know....bad mommy. bad mommy.
Later that night we went out to diner for our omni-friends 11th anniversary. And lucky us, Dan surprised us with a limo for the night. We had a great dinner followed by Improv Comedy club. (fyi: Mitch Fatel's whole routine is about sex. The whole 90 minutes. Funny-yes. But I wonder if he can talk about ANYthing else). Mmmm. Applemartinis, Margaritas and really great friends. It was a perfect night.

We are off to the Circus!

Today we off to a family tradition...the circus. Not that my life isn't aleady LIKE a circus...this is the real deal. We go an hour early and get to interact with all the is wonderful. And our favorite: Bello the clown. In 2003 when Tucker was 3, he was actually pulled out of the stands and brought down to center ring with Bella himself. That's him in the photo...looking tiny and scared! We have gone nearly every year- and I have managed to sneak in my profesh camera a few times to get some pretty good shots. We love the circus....makes me feel normal I guess. All the way home we talk about the dog tricks, the lion tamer and the dancing ponies. Hours of entertainment without one gun fight, car chase or battery needed. They say it is the greatest show on earth...and we would have to agree.