New Hall of Fame Inductee....

Let's take a look at this jewel of an invention from 1938: a plastic (oh sorry, 'cellulose') bag that you are SUPPOSED to put over your head... Nice...I gotta think they didn't have a lot of repeat customers ...because they all suffocated to death. Nope it won't interfere with vision- but it just might interfere with your breathing. The add says it can be used as an apron as well. Not sure how that would work exactly...but that is okay because it makes a mean turban. Don't we all have a big need for turbans these days? Especially an instrument of death/apron/tray cover/turban.......this invention belongs in The Glamorous Life Association Hall of Fame (Housewife Horror Branch)..... more inductees to come!

Welcome to the MOB

Welcome to the official meeting of the Mother Of Boys (MOB). Please take a seat, and we will begin. Today Marcy is going to give a presentation for our new members. Her presentation will go over just some of the pros and cons of being a MOB member. This will be by no means a complete list. A few Pros….
  • When they get hurt you can say ‘shake it off’ and they do…
  • T-shirts. T-shirts with everything. No need for fancy outfits for these little guys
  • No Polly Pocket pieces to get out of the vacuum
  • They enjoy getting messy: picking weeds is just another excuse to dig for worms
  • Being dragged to an Angels game and loving it.
  • Their compulsion to bring lizards (you hope it is a lizard) into the house-alive or dead

Just Some of the cons….

  • They think all body functions are a crack up. And mention them (or do them) often in public.
  • When they go to prom- I won’t get pictures with his date (yes I think of this already)
  • Girls will break their hearts…and girls can be so mean as we all I know.
  • Not a stitch of pink in my house- except my closet.
  • Endless hours watching sports, Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs- and pretending to enjoy it
  • The frequent wrestling for no reason at all….and the point IS to do it till someone gets hurt
  • Getting Legos out of the vacuum, the air vents, the bathtub, their NOSE etc, etc, etc….
  • They pee standing up- and they are not the best with their aim.

This concludes my presentation. Questions or Comments? Yes you there in the back…..


Eye of the Bagel

Went to coffee shop before the kids talent show...Tucker my bagel junkie had to get his usual. He takes the cutest bite (yes, bites can be cute) out of it- it looked like a cartoon bite. I wanted to try and get a picture (don't forget I got a new camera and I will shoot ANYTHING right now)....I get home, upload into Picasa...and this is what I see in one of the shots. I didn't even notice him when I shot kids crack me up.

Who me?

I won a photo challenge! I know how cool is that??? And the photo that won was taken out of my sun roof while at a red light. Yes, I was driving...I am such a multi-tasker ya know... To see the winning shot....and to check out my friend's (EmilyPie) great new site Exposaroonie click here....and why you are there- Enter this weeks challenge...come on...EXPOSE yourself!
In case you thought my 'Twittering' was a waste of HERE....I think this validates all Twitter-ers out there.....

Instant Art: Fun with Scrapbook Paper

You know all those scrapbooking supplies you invested in and then quickly realized this was not something you could keep up with- oh the pressure! Happily you discovered the joy of on-line digital scrapbooking to absolve your scrapbook guilt. Today I made a little piece of 'art' for my sons bathroom....and it took all of 10 minutes to make using those left over scrapbook supplies. Scrapbook paper, scissors, a little shading with the prisma pencils and voila! ART! Add one IKEA frame and it looks pretty darn real..... well real enough to go over my son's toilet anyway.

A Favorite Thing....

My fairy jar. I made this about a year ago during feverish fairy-fase (okay 'phase').....inside there is a page from a turn of the century school book, a small birds nest my mom found when I was a kid-and she saved it in a box for me, REAL empty birds eggs from the same nest, a feather Tucker found and gave to me and a little fairy baby photo compostion I made. On top of the baby fairy's head is a tiny little bird....and it all sits inside a mason jar (I adore mason jars)........I can't explain why this is one of my favorite things- but it just is.
I love it.

I am not SUPER...

Recently, I was identified on the OC Register Mom Blog Feed as a “A Yorba Linda Supermom”. As soon as I saw it I cringed. I thought to myself- ‘NO ONE will click on my posts now! Calling your self a SUPER mom is totally arrogant’. I consulted with mommy friends and they all agreed. The supermom tag line HAD to go. The editor didn’t pull it out of thin air- in my bio I have the line “A Supermom using my powers for good and not evil”. Which I think is pretty funny, but really nothing more. I am not by any means claiming to be a certified SUPERmom. I am most definitely not. Can I do it all, and do it perfectly with a smile on my face and a kind tone in my voice at all times? Nope. No way Jose. Oh, I have had super moments, and even super days….but I am by no means a supermom. I am more a ‘Trying- really- hard- not- to- mess- up- my- kids- mom’….or ‘making - it -up -as-I-go-along mom’ and by the end of a long day I can even be called ‘Doing-the-bare-minimum-mom’.
It is a tough title to uphold.
And besides the cape keeps getting in the way when I am doing the dishes.
Update: The OC Register changed my tag line to “a Yorba Linda MOM”. What a relief.
To read this post on the OC Register, and to click 'reccomend' so they know people are reading me-go ahead and click HERE. It would be very much appreciated!


Jack's VooDoo Cards

These photos represent the recently confiscated property of my 9 year old. His French teacher just didn't think they were school worthy (I beg to differ). It seems Jack was inspired to create this game of fate during his free time at school: His VooDo cards. There are 3 cards each in the following categories: car,wealth, home, career and death. So you pick one from each row and this is your future. Part Tarot card-part Ouija Board-and very educational if you ask me.
My picks were:
Wealth: average
Home: Mansion
Car: Lamborgini (similar to a Lamborghini I believe)
Death: Old Age (yippee!)
Career: Supermodel (what a future I have!)
Some of the other options include living in apartments or cardboard boxes, dying from drugs or suicide and driving a wagon or being a millionaire.
Aside from all this being very entertaining (to me and not his French teacher) - I find it most intriguing that my 4th grader is thinking so much about his future. Either that or he is planning his career as a carnival fortune teller.

Remember I said got a new 'purse' camera this week? (thanks mom!)...well I took some of my first pics with it and I am more than thrilled. Since I can't always carry around my ginormous professinal camera, I use a small one for everything else in my life. Checkout this photo of Jack.... I can count his freckles! And those braces look so real my teeth actually hurt...

Oh how I love mega-pixels, and everything digital...and photography. I just love it...and I love my Canon Elf950.....

Thank your Lucky Charms

You know when your kids are little and you don't want them to grow up past say, age 4 because they won't be as cute anymore? Well, sometimes they are still darn cute and darn funny...
Jack: Susie's parents put her on restriction for forgetting her homework!
Me: See, you should thank your lucky stars I am not that mean!
Tucker (listening to ipod): Thanks for the Lucky Charms mom!
Me: Tuck I said Lucky STARS
Tucker: When did they change the name to that? That is stupid.


To hear even more about my lunch with Suzanne and Vicki (can you ever here too much about it?) HERE and you can see Suzanne's version of the events. Oh and she has a photo- she is so clever that girl......

OC Boys on House Arrest

I have just posted this on The OC Register Mom Blog page. The picture is explained there as well....
"My kids are booked for the summer. Literally booked for the summer. You want a play date? I am sorry you will have to be on the waiting list- because Jack and Tucker are BOOKED. You only think I am kidding right? There is the trip to Chicago........"
To read the rest of the story and to click 'reccomend' for me (This must be how Hillary feels) go ahead and click HERE. Pretty, pretty please.........
Photo note: This was right after I got my Dorothy Hammill do..And I loved it. My bangs look totally uneven- and we paid for this haircut. I remember on picture day trying really really hard to make this top go over my shoulders. I was what like 6? And there I was trying to look sexy for all the other 1st graders……oh the comedy.

Appliance Trifecta

Recently- I purchased a new washer and dryer. It was purchased before I started blogging here- or trust me you would have heard about it already. As any wife/mother/Maid knows- the washer and dryer in your life are very important. Perhaps more important than the coffee maker, but less important than the microwave. Those are pretty much the trifecta of appliances for me…and without them, my world would just fall apart. Or at the minimum it would be crankier, dirtier and uncooked. Anyways- what was I saying? Oh yeah…I gots me a new washer and dryer. And I am pretty happy about it. I studied on line for hours, for days even comparing features and energy efficiencies. I looked at the repair histories and maintenance plans for each. I even got crazy and looked in the store at the wide variety of colors available (There is a Candy Apple Red …with all the new chrome accents it would be like having a very small Porsche in your laundry room. And for only slightly less cost). But in the end the decision was made very very clear to me. I remember the moment of clarity like it was yesterday; the salesman said these magical words “this one is big enough to get two loads done at once”. And in case the look of total disbelief didn’t convince him he has just sealed the deal- he added “and it is on SALE”.
So say hello to the latest members of my appliance crew: the Kenmore Elite front loading washer and dryer in Champagne. I haven’t named them yet- but I was thinking something like Penn and Teller….not for any reason other than it makes me laugh. And shouldn’t laundry be funny? Oh- it shouldn’t? Well, it is in my house. I crack up everytime I think about how much more I have to go do…..


The Baby Doll and the Boy

Boys and girls are different. Okay no news flash here- but until I had boys I did not realize HOW different. Reminds me of a story…
When I was pregnant with my 2nd I bought a little dolly for my first born who was 2 years old. I read somewhere in one of my 300 books on pregnancy that this was a good way to help the toddler ‘adjust’ to the new baby. I had visions of Toddler Jack play feeding and play changing the baby doll. I saw sweet moments in my future with that little doll. When Jack first saw the doll he was interested- and he seemed to be fascinated by its open and closing eyes and tiny clothes. ‘This is going well’ I thought smugly to myself. Boys can play with dolls just like girls. Why didn’t I do this sooner? I left him in his room for playtime while I went to go get dinner started. With a peaceful confident heart I floated into the kitchen thinking I had this mom thing mastered. Minutes later Toddler Jack comes in the room behind me and yells “mommy I love dis baby!” …my back was turned and I continued stirring and smiling and said “that is great honey- now why do you love the baby doll?” And then I turned and saw the horror in front of me. Before I could speak Toddler Jack said “cuz dis baby good for gof!”……….yes folks, Toddler Jack was using the new precious baby doll to GOLF a ball around the house. He was swinging that poor doll by its feet and knocking the ball with the head.
Right then and there I realized- Boys and Girls are different. Okay my boys are different. It must be genetic. I am happy to report after Tucker was born, Jack did not try to golf with his little brother. Okay he tried- but I was on to him by then.


Samantha Who?

I have recently fallen in-love with Samantha Who? I have no idea what time/channel/day it is on TV....I download it on itunes and watch in the car when I am waiting to pick up the boys from school. I highly suggest you do the same. It is so darn funny. This promo doesn't really do it justice! It stars Christina Applegate, and Suki from The Gilmore Girls and the blond lady from Designing Women (um, loved that show too)....okay watch this and then go download-you'll thank me!

My Blog-y Date

I am Internet dating. Yes, I know I am married already- but that doesn't stop a girl like me...actually what I mean is I met for lunch today with two ladies (girls? gals?chicks?) met on line thru this blogging thing. I met with Suzanne and Vickie. And I would say it was a pretty good first date. They are just as funny, cute and fabulous (okay more) in person as they are on-line. and I gotta say it was a relief. I was worried it might not go well, and then what would I do? Gosh I hope I didn't talk too much. (okay I know I talked too much) but we had fun and we laughed a lot. And we only used the word "blog" about 372 times during lunch. These are definitely my kinda people. Suzanne took a photo (of course she did) so I am praying when it makes its way to her blog she photoshops me to look younger/skinny-er/smoother than in real life....and by the way I was on time. Suz was waiting at the wrong restaurant.

RANT of the Week: Are you late?

I know it all happens to us; the traffic we didn't plan on (you live in the OC so PLAN on it), the phone ringing at the last minute (hello, voice mail anyone?), I lost track of time (Um, buy a clock!) and of course the 'couldn't find Billy's shoes'......ah the fabulous excuses of a late person.
Well, guess what I AIN'T buying it. I can with almost certainty say I have been late only a handful of times in my entire adult life. (Yes, once was your wedding Crystal. I hang my head in shame-oh that darn car) My parents were never late either-so perhaps it is genetic. Actually I am frequently early to everything. (This is not so good for me since I also hate to wait). And as mothers you hide your lateness behind your kids. But, I have devised a formula to help me prepare for others lateness; basically I give 5 minutes for each child you have. So three kids and we are meeting at the mall at 2:00? Then you can be there at 2:15 and I am not upset at all. But 2:30? Or 3:00? Once I had a friend arrive an hour and 15 minutes late for such call and no nothing when she arrived. And it is the arrival of the late person that can redeem you. If you are late...please RUN in and say "I am so sorry I am late!" (you could add "I am so sorry I wasted your time and put my time above yours. I am sorry I am rude and inconsiderate" too)
A one time late is not a big deal- I am talking about the people who are ALWAYS, always late. You know them, they are late for everything. School, lunch dates, dentist appointments, heck, I know a girl who was late to her own C-Section!
In God's magical glory I married a man who is also chronically on time. I LOVE this about him. We marvel at our ability to arrive at exactly 9:29 for a 9:30 engagement. We take joy in this. We love this. But how are we able to do this, when others simply and repeatedly CAN'T? I am begging you people- don't be late. I want to see you! And I don't want to be mad and frustrated by the time you get there!
(Rant officially over- you may now return to your previously scheduled blogging)


Can you Click for Me?

Okay. OC Register has placed My Glamorous Life blog as a permanent feed on the sidebar of the The Mom Blog page (Life Section). I really gotta get them to take of the "supermom' tag line...I don't like the sound of that! Things change quickly around there-so who knows if it will last! -I am down under "recently received comments" on the right. If you have a spare second can you go over there (click here) and click on my entries? And hit the 'recommend' button at the end of the posts too? Boy I sure am asking A LOT of my readers. A girl needs her friends to get ahead! Seriously, thanks to all for support and good vibes....yes I can feel them!
I am well protected. I may not have the body guards of P.Diddy...but I have Jack. Jack the Yellow Stripe Belt. Yes folks, Jack tested Taekwondo on Friday - and passed with flying (okay kicking) colors. What is it about these kid triumphs that make a mom cry? I tried not to, but there I was hiding my blurry eyes behind my camera. And smiling. Now remember-don't even try to mess with me...I have a Jack to protect me and he has a mean front snap kick.


Yesterday while walking into Mimi’s for lunch with my friend, we saw the personalized license plate: “XMAS 72”. (darn my little camera is broken couldn’t get a shot) What a mystery!!! (I am so Nancy Drew) What does this mean to this person? Were they born on XMAS 72? Married then? Perhaps that was when they got their license for the first time?…I was tempted to ask everyone in the restaurant if the XMAS 72 car belong to them, and get the whole story (I am sure it is a good story)…but my girlfriend shot me a look of horror when I suggested it and brought me back to reality (you know the reality where you don’t do things like THAT).
Personalized plates are more popular here in So Cal than anywhere else I suspect (personal experience only-not an official stat)….and I myself have owned two. The first was a 16th birthday present to go with my white Camaro Z28 (Yeah I was cool like that) and it proclaimed my ownership: “MARCEYM”. I had that plate on plenty of cars. By the time I moved to Hollywood after college I learned a plate like that is not so great- people (silly boys) would call out my name like “Hey Marcy how’s it going?!” and I would instinctively say “Hi!” right back to them, before I realized they were just reading my plate. Became kinda creepy. So when I got my next car (an insanely sexy red convertible) I ordered “TOOHAPY” for my new plate. And I really was TOO HAPPY (still am).
Now you wanna know about the photo right? Last summer when I was taking the boys on their first visit to Griffith Observatory (remember the Rock -n-Roll Laserium?) we saw “EDSTNKS” in on the car in front of us in traffic. I took a picture. We laughed and laughed. My husbands name is Ed. Yet another thing he didn’t find funny.
Want more? Check out this site HERE. Seems like everyone has something to say to the world in 7 spaces or less.