Jack's VooDoo Cards

These photos represent the recently confiscated property of my 9 year old. His French teacher just didn't think they were school worthy (I beg to differ). It seems Jack was inspired to create this game of fate during his free time at school: His VooDo cards. There are 3 cards each in the following categories: car,wealth, home, career and death. So you pick one from each row and this is your future. Part Tarot card-part Ouija Board-and very educational if you ask me.
My picks were:
Wealth: average
Home: Mansion
Car: Lamborgini (similar to a Lamborghini I believe)
Death: Old Age (yippee!)
Career: Supermodel (what a future I have!)
Some of the other options include living in apartments or cardboard boxes, dying from drugs or suicide and driving a wagon or being a millionaire.
Aside from all this being very entertaining (to me and not his French teacher) - I find it most intriguing that my 4th grader is thinking so much about his future. Either that or he is planning his career as a carnival fortune teller.


Suzanne said...

Ah Ha! This is so awesome! I would be beside myself with pride if it were my kid. BRAVO Jack! or should I say bien cuit!

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daytrippingmom said...

That's hilarious. I'm so excited that I found your blog and all of the OC moms blogs in the Register. You are all so clever!!