RANT of the Week: Are you late?

I know it all happens to us; the traffic we didn't plan on (you live in the OC so PLAN on it), the phone ringing at the last minute (hello, voice mail anyone?), I lost track of time (Um, buy a clock!) and of course the 'couldn't find Billy's shoes'......ah the fabulous excuses of a late person.
Well, guess what I AIN'T buying it. I can with almost certainty say I have been late only a handful of times in my entire adult life. (Yes, once was your wedding Crystal. I hang my head in shame-oh that darn car) My parents were never late either-so perhaps it is genetic. Actually I am frequently early to everything. (This is not so good for me since I also hate to wait). And as mothers you hide your lateness behind your kids. But, I have devised a formula to help me prepare for others lateness; basically I give 5 minutes for each child you have. So three kids and we are meeting at the mall at 2:00? Then you can be there at 2:15 and I am not upset at all. But 2:30? Or 3:00? Once I had a friend arrive an hour and 15 minutes late for such call and no nothing when she arrived. And it is the arrival of the late person that can redeem you. If you are late...please RUN in and say "I am so sorry I am late!" (you could add "I am so sorry I wasted your time and put my time above yours. I am sorry I am rude and inconsiderate" too)
A one time late is not a big deal- I am talking about the people who are ALWAYS, always late. You know them, they are late for everything. School, lunch dates, dentist appointments, heck, I know a girl who was late to her own C-Section!
In God's magical glory I married a man who is also chronically on time. I LOVE this about him. We marvel at our ability to arrive at exactly 9:29 for a 9:30 engagement. We take joy in this. We love this. But how are we able to do this, when others simply and repeatedly CAN'T? I am begging you people- don't be late. I want to see you! And I don't want to be mad and frustrated by the time you get there!
(Rant officially over- you may now return to your previously scheduled blogging)


Anonymous said...

PS If someone gets offended by that-they're really feeling incredible guilt.

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely neurotic about being late. Even if I'm 5 minutes behind sched, I will literally feel like I'm having a panic attack. I wish more of my friends were like you, though. How is it that I can be punctual with three kids and they can't get JUST THEM out the door on time? Oh, and let's just talk about how frustrating it is when someone keeps you waiting, and then shows up with hair done flawlessly and a full face of makeup? You're going to keep me waiting so you can put on flase eyelashes and do four different forms of heat-styling to your hair? For the love of pete, slap on a coat of mascara, throw your hair in a pony, and just be. on. time. GRRRRRRRR.

Holy cripe I had a lot of venting to do. Sorry...