I am loved at the OC Register again!

Hello all! Just want to check in quickly- I have been a little out of touch- The Disney Virgins are here and I am knee deep in all things Disney...and loving it actually. But I am happy to report I got new and exciting placement over at the Orange County Register. Check me out here....I am so excited! For all my bloggy friends I will be back very soon to comment on all your posts I have been missing! You'll here from me soon!

Lots of bloggers say they get ideas and inspiration from their kids- well in this case, I am getting actual content from my kids. Well, Kid. (Jack). Seems he over heard me chatting to a friend on the phone about the local "MOMfia" and took it upon himself to draw up a little cartoon to go with it. What IS the MOMfia you ask? The MOMfia is a little term I like to use to describe a certain group of woman who seem to have control and mind bending power over the rest of the mommies. The ones who seem to just dictate which car to drive, which pair of $300 sweats to wear and where is the ONLY place to get your hair done in Orange County. Yup, Orange County is rampant with the MOMfia I am afraid, perhaps you know a member or two? Be careful- they can turn on a dime, and once they have you -it is impossible to get out. They will have you mortgaging your house to buy a blacked out SUV in no time. Gosh I almost feel a mock movie coming over me. Can't you see the Soprano's opening- but with a barbie-mom driving with the scenes of OC rolling buy? Comedy...

Can you read the cartoon? "Beware! they could be at your supermarket!"...the little eggs say "don't beat us!" and the toilet says "I'll give you all I've got!"...funny right?


Good Morning Perky!

If I had know all these years of motherhood what I was really missing was Ovaltine to help me look like a pin-up, I really would have been drinking it HOURLY. Who doesn't want to wake up 'with a song'?....probably would be better than my "don't talk to mommy until she has had her coffee"....Perhaps my problem is I haven't been wearing my evening wear to bed, complete with a ribbon for my hair....I am gonna take a guess here- but I am pretty sure this artist MUST have done a few book covers for trashy paperbacks after this...I am just saying. Husbands all over the country must have been running out to buy Ovaltine for their wives by the case.....and in case you are wondering- After two kids...I haven't woken up "perky" in 9 years. And thanks to gravity I won't be anytime soon....


My Photo Dare.....

Okay this is so so mortifying- but I have been challenged to post an embarrassing picture from my past- from not one but two of my blogger friends. Suzanne from Emphasis Mine and also Kristen from We are THAT family have some strange need to see all of us embarrass here it is ladies. Oh and I am not a twin- this was taken into a mirror...pretty fancy camera work mom!
This is about 1986. Please take note of the claw-like nails (painted a great shade of mauve by the way), the multi-colored tray of eye shadow, frosted lipstick, and those giant jewel earrings. And the glory of the photo...the hair. Can you smell the Aqua Net? I kinda think I look like I am getting ready to street walking....but actually I was going to a party. I was wearing a short denim mini-skirt and wait for it........white cowboy boots. I made one stylish hooker...I mean teenage girl. Hard to tell....


Barbie: The Gateway Doll to Bratz

This is me- as happy as a clam (are clams really that happy?) on Christmas Eve 1975...believe it or not this pertains to a post I have written on the OC Register, regarding commentary on the Associated Press report today that Barbie (yes that Barbie) is being smuggled into Iran.....check it out on my OC Register blog here.


Husband calls me and says : "I am about to write a word I swear I have never written..."
I interrupt: "let me guess is it- SORRY?"
Husband: "Save it for your blog."
Turns out he was talking about something else...but man I thought I was so funny......and once again- husband was NOT amused.
Had to share.....
I have a new post over at the Orange County Register called 'I Make the Human. I name the Human'.....
Naming our first was tough. Every name I suggested sounded, well sorta 'feminine' to my husband (not the word he used). But I kept trying and testing them out on everyone...and no matter what name I came up with- people had a negative comment. "That is hard to spell", "Is that a girls name?", "I knew a bum named that once" the third trimester I was totally and completely feed up. I announced to all that I had indeed picked a name- and I would let them know (my husband included) AFTER the baby was born.
If you have time go check it out. And again I ask for you to click the 'recommend' button at the bottom of the post. It makes me feel popular. And a girl needs to feel popular!



I was invited to 2 high school reunions this month-and I am not going to either.
We moved the summer before my senior year at Kennedy and I graduated from a new high school (Troy High, yeah go Warriors!)….so I have always felt a little strange. If I attended the Troy reunion, I think I would only be recognized by a handful of people- and even then only as ‘that new girl with the ’56 Chevy’ (yup, thar she is in the photo- the day I go it- I was 16!). And if I attend Kennedy High (yeah go Irish!) I am really afraid they will have forgotten all about me in the year I was gone. I was not a ‘real’ senior with the Kennedy class either- will they even let me go? What if I try and there is an ugly scene at the door to the Hilton banquet room? “I am sorry m’am but I am going to have to ask you to leave- you didn’t actually graduate with these people”…..No I didn’t. But a lot of those people I knew since Jr. High and even some since elementary school…, since I am not one for confrontation…I am going to be staying home from BOTH reunions this year. But you know me- I did register on-line for the bio book for both schools…and I left my blog page address. If they remember me-and want to know what my life is like- this is a pretty good place to start don’t ya think?


SO happy to be here...

Ever have to tell kids who are already hot (it was 100 degrees) that Grizzly Rapids (ride at California Adventure) broke while they were waiting in line? They were less than thrilled- but decided to wait it out until it got fixed...happily-that wasn't long. But from the looks on their faces- the waiting was killing them! Oh- Disneyland, the happiest place on earth...except when the rides break.
Still had a great time. The boy in the middle is our friend Christopher- his parents were there too, but they are better at avoiding the paparazzi and missed getting in this shot. There was more than one broken ride- Splash Mountain broke while we were on it...we were escorted off and saw all the inner workings and the back was pretty cool. And as if that wasn't enough they gave us fast passes for any ride in the park....(hey Disney you could have thrown in a night at the Castle too- jeez-that would have really made up for this terrible inconvenience). It is okay Disney, something tells me I will be back soon. (The Disney Virgins are coming on Wednesday....)

I am OLD- it is official..

Just in case the kid at Lampost Pizza calling me m'am yesterday didn't convince me.....
Today I received this in the mail.....AARP are you kidding me?