I have a new post over at the Orange County Register called 'I Make the Human. I name the Human'.....
Naming our first was tough. Every name I suggested sounded, well sorta 'feminine' to my husband (not the word he used). But I kept trying and testing them out on everyone...and no matter what name I came up with- people had a negative comment. "That is hard to spell", "Is that a girls name?", "I knew a bum named that once"....by the third trimester I was totally and completely feed up. I announced to all that I had indeed picked a name- and I would let them know (my husband included) AFTER the baby was born.
If you have time go check it out. And again I ask for you to click the 'recommend' button at the bottom of the post. It makes me feel popular. And a girl needs to feel popular!

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