I talked to my childhood yesterday...

I was standing there- just having been pushed into the kiddie pool by my best friends husband (don't worry there will be revenge) when he walked up to me and said 'I know you'. Well, loads of things ran thru my mind 'ee-gads- did I once work with this guy?', 'did I once hire this guy?' to the random 'do I owe this guy money?'.....He must have sensed I was clueless (although it didn't help he wore his dark sunglasses the whole time rendering his eyes covered) so he followed up his opening line with "I am Jarrod Hurst". Well, folks- you know how you have a few names from your past just BURNED into your memory? Names you have always known-and will never forget? As soon as I heard him say it I almost fainted-I swear. I smiled and said something stupid like "oh my GAWD- are you serious?" this is a pretty dumb thing to say, since most people know at least their own name I would think.
So there I was staring at this man and wondering what to say next. "WOW, this is so um, how in the world did you recognize me?" I said. "Oh as soon as I heard someone call you Marcy I knew immediately"...He did? He knew immediately? The last time we saw each other- and I remember it vividly was the last day of 6th grade. My mom picked me up in her white Z28 Camaro and his dad was picking him up in his Datsun mini-truck (with a shell on it). We separated in the parking lot as we walked to the separate cars. "Hey have a cool summer" he said..... "Yeah, you too". And that was it. That was the end of the not-really-but-practically romance of my 6th grade year. Jarrod was my assigned square dancing partner in February, my handball partner at recess and my first sorta-kinda date (Roller rink with his parents) in May. I thought he was just dreamy with his thick brown hair, raspy voice and smirky grin. He was a charmer as I remember- and all the girls, teachers and parents thought Jarrod was adorable. I felt pretty lucky to be his not-really-but-sorta-girlfriend for those few months of my 10th year on this planet. Pretty darn lucky indeed. And I never, ever forgot about him. And apparently- he had not forgotten me either. More shockingly he could even recognize me too...
We chatted a bit. It was strange. He was married and has 3 girls. He was an electrician. He was bald. He looked nothing like the little boy of my past. But he still had the same raspy voice and smirky smile- because those things never change I guess. He seemed like a pretty happy person- and I was glad about that. After a while he had to run off to chase down his little toddler....and we ended our conversation. It was a large block party thrown by mutual friends so people were kinda divided into different 'camps' all day. When I left the block party he saw me walking to my car and yelled "Have a great summer!" and I smiled and said "yeah you too". Talk about full circle folks...I couldn't make this stuff up.


I am a big fan of Independence....

Love and Peace
Happy 4th Internet!
(photo note: an impromptu 4th of July 'centerpiece' made from camp crafts done by da' boyz)


"You can't draw on the walls- but the window is okay"

Kids found the Window Art markers I used for my KDOC segment- and they went to town on the doors....they looked cute; Jack in his Taekwondo outfit and Tucker reaching as high as possible and nearly falling. Let't take a look at what they were working so hard on...

Tucker did his name in pretty darn good block letters....

"Everyday is Trashday somewhere"....why yes it is Jack you funny boy.
And my favorite....


Travel with kids? Pack it…

For those visitors who are here for the travel tips I presented on KDOC DayBreak news program this is a complete list! Thanks for coming...and I hope you return soon...

Keep em’ Busy: Gameboy, PSP, Leapster (but don’t forget batteries, charger and/or car adapter) Mad libs, crosswords…and good ol’fashioned BOOKS Wipe board pens (yes they work on windows!) Pipecleaners, stickers…doo dads MagnaDoodle or Etch a Sketch Magnetic checkers/chess Dollar store toys (wrap and give out as needed) Good ol’ paper and pencil! Tic tack toe

Desperate Measures: Bubbles PlayDough Silly Putty Small lego sets Small water color set Let them take photos with the camera or phone..let them interview you or you them! Candy…

Be Prepared and don’t be optimistic! (prepare for the worst...): Wipes- no matter how old your children are they come in handy Snacks (NOT applesauce or anything potentially spillable) Bandaides, Neosporin, tummy med, allergy med etc. The doctors numbers and a photocopy of your med cards- use a USB to keep with you! Trash bags and zip-locs….you just seem to always need these. Change of clothes for baby/toddler and even YOU Lovies, blankies and pillow Marcy’s Tips Remember: Be the keeper of the stuff! Dole out items as needed. Limit drinks on a car ride…or time them just before potty stops! Photograph your children before you leave for the airport- god forbid they are get lost… Photograph the parking space at the airport! Scroll back thru to find it when you return Photo outfit combinations for children travelling with grandma or grandpa…then include in suitcase as a little guide to dressing themselves each day… Relax! Try to enjoy the excitement your children have for your ‘adventure’! Kids sense anxiety- and often act out accordingly…so calm down and TRY to have fun.


Interiors by JackTucker

While cleaning my living room today (aka the room hardly anyone ever goes in) I found evidence that my boys had been there. A little alien tucked in some branches I have in a vase (ya know cuz it is all decorator-ish around here)......
Either it was my boys who did this- or I have been invaded by mini-aliens wearing leis. They freeze when you see them so you just THINK they are a vending machine prize. Clever. Clever little alien.

A photo story: Edwina's solution

(Edwina) (Erma)
Edwina and Erma were sisters.
Edwina was the oldest- and she was the responsible one.
Erma was the baby and she was the favorite....she was the pampered one.
They have 9 brothers. 9 brothers Edwina helped care for.
9 brothers who doted on Erma all her life.
Edwina didn't want her photo taken, but Erma insisted she go with her. Actually Erma told her "you had better have your photo captured before you get older and more wrinkled."
Erma was not the nice sister. Erma was the difficult one.
They arrived early, and Erma went into the back room to use the mirror to 'fuss'. Edwina waited patiently for her younger sister- for an hour. By then the photographer was irritated, and called for Erma. She came out and said 'Well, if Edwina hadn't fixed my hair so poorly this morning I wouldn't have had to re-do it!'. Edwina just smiled shyly.
When the photographer delivered the finished portrait, Erma complained that Edwina ruined the photo because she looked 'unpleasant'. Erma refused to allow anyone to hang the portrait.
It was put away in the root cellar.
Later that month, Erma fell down the well in an unexplained accident on the farm.
The next day, Edwina hung the portrait over the fireplace....and smiled.
(author note: I know, I know this is creepy and probably not in good taste and all that other stuff you are thinking.
But sometimes I can't help myself. Actually I very rarely can help myself!)


Adtalk: The before the Ad conversation...

Conversation at the Ad firm months earlier....
Mike: Hey Bob any ideas for the new Kindness Hair Oil campaign? Bob: Yeah I was thinking of bringing in one of the girls from the new Broadway show 'Cats' to be the 'Before' Mike: Hey that sounds groovy- but be sure she looses the whiskars...whiskars don't help sell beauty products ya know. You remember what happened on the Vo5 campaign don't you? Bob: Yeah that was bad....and oily.... Mike: ..and hot. Okay so you got the Cat girl and what else? Bob: Uh I don't know- I guess another hair girl- only we will tame her hair a little...but still really really big Mike: ...and wrap a little around her neck for effect okay? What about the copy Bob? what do you have for that? Bob: I thought the Cat girl could complain that she doesn't like the product because it does really great things and the other girl will just be all calm and be all 'whats wrong with that?' Mike: Hmmm....interesting.Okay fine, but no smiling. They can't look happy about using this product...actually they should look a little depressed and uncomfortable. Bob: Got it. Depressed and serious. Mike: and uncomfortable...don't forget that. Bob: Oh they will be uncomfortable. Trust me on that.


Blogger-mmercial? Pay Per Post

Well, since I need to find away to legitimize this writting thing- I thought I would take a look at websites that pay for you to post about things. I came across Pay Per Post and was intrigued. Basically they list like a hundred different companies/concepts in categories you have pre-selected who will PAY you to post about them (looks like $5.00 is the average rate- but some as high as $20). Okay don't start panicking...I am not gonna get all Infomercial (I guess that would be Blogger-mercial right?) on you.....BUT if I happen to see something posted there that I find interesting or worth mentioning I just might do it. Ethically I will always tell you if it is Pay Per Post topic okay? Sound fair? ....and for those of you who think this is the worst thing a blogger can do...then you can just start sending me say $5.00 a day-or whenever you read... Then I won't have to pimp out my blog like this!!! Totally kidding....its pathetic that I have to say 'totally kidding'...besides the fact that it makes me sound MORE like a valley girl who is 13?.....FYI I read thru the current 100 they had listed and haven't found anything I think you need to know about yet......
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Jesus People: Episode 1

Happy Holy Sunday internet....
Now I love me some God and Jesus ya' all know...but you HAVE to see this video and laugh along with me. If you like it and aren't offended (please don't be offended) there are seven other episodes of this- and they are EVEN FUNNIER!
All can be found at the glorious Funny or Die site. Enjoy! And wait for my favorite quote: "I go to church at Christmas-so I TOTALLY know who Jesus is..." Oh yeah- people this is great parody... now hurry and watch it- then get your butt to church will ya? Since Blogger hates me and will not upload video here- you need to click away...but come back when you are done and we can have a cup of coffee and laugh about it together k?