Jesus People: Episode 1

Happy Holy Sunday internet....
Now I love me some God and Jesus ya' all know...but you HAVE to see this video and laugh along with me. If you like it and aren't offended (please don't be offended) there are seven other episodes of this- and they are EVEN FUNNIER!
All can be found at the glorious Funny or Die site. Enjoy! And wait for my favorite quote: "I go to church at Christmas-so I TOTALLY know who Jesus is..." Oh yeah- people this is great parody... now hurry and watch it- then get your butt to church will ya? Since Blogger hates me and will not upload video here- you need to click away...but come back when you are done and we can have a cup of coffee and laugh about it together k?


Suz Broughton said...

This was funny. Did Jack find it for you?

Ann said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!
My weekend has actually been filled with church activities (which is unusual for me) and I NEEDED to see these videos.
Yesterday was my "Tea with Jesus" morning and today was "A Visit with the Canadian Bishop" afternoon.
There is so-o-o much inside my head right now, and these video fit the bill.