A photo story: Edwina's solution

(Edwina) (Erma)
Edwina and Erma were sisters.
Edwina was the oldest- and she was the responsible one.
Erma was the baby and she was the favorite....she was the pampered one.
They have 9 brothers. 9 brothers Edwina helped care for.
9 brothers who doted on Erma all her life.
Edwina didn't want her photo taken, but Erma insisted she go with her. Actually Erma told her "you had better have your photo captured before you get older and more wrinkled."
Erma was not the nice sister. Erma was the difficult one.
They arrived early, and Erma went into the back room to use the mirror to 'fuss'. Edwina waited patiently for her younger sister- for an hour. By then the photographer was irritated, and called for Erma. She came out and said 'Well, if Edwina hadn't fixed my hair so poorly this morning I wouldn't have had to re-do it!'. Edwina just smiled shyly.
When the photographer delivered the finished portrait, Erma complained that Edwina ruined the photo because she looked 'unpleasant'. Erma refused to allow anyone to hang the portrait.
It was put away in the root cellar.
Later that month, Erma fell down the well in an unexplained accident on the farm.
The next day, Edwina hung the portrait over the fireplace....and smiled.
(author note: I know, I know this is creepy and probably not in good taste and all that other stuff you are thinking.
But sometimes I can't help myself. Actually I very rarely can help myself!)


Candid Carrie said...

Oh my gosh, I went to high school with those Edwina and Erma. I forgot all about them.

Thanks for the flashback trip down memory lane. I had always thought the relationship the boys had with Erma seemed "inappropriate" and I am anxiously awaiting Edwina's book. I saw her on Dr. Phil and she looked better than I had ever seen her. Simply radiant.

(commenter's note: I know this was creepy and proably not in good taste but I can't help myself, you bring out the worst in me and for that I thank you.)

Amy said...

LOL LOL you're a good writer - I didn't think it was morbid at all - rather funny :D

MommyTime said...

It may be creepy -- but I totally LOVE it. I'm twisted that way. Thanks for this hilarious little tale. I wish I had some great old photos to play around with, though I don't think I'm as inspired a writer as you.

On an unrelated note: thanks for the visits and comments at my place lately! It's so very nice to have you around.

Ann said...


foolery said...

So what's creepy? An unfortunate accident befell the little sister, and the big sister had a fond memory that made her smile. Nothing wrong with that. ha ha ha -- that was great. Do you do these a lot?