Interiors by JackTucker

While cleaning my living room today (aka the room hardly anyone ever goes in) I found evidence that my boys had been there. A little alien tucked in some branches I have in a vase (ya know cuz it is all decorator-ish around here)......
Either it was my boys who did this- or I have been invaded by mini-aliens wearing leis. They freeze when you see them so you just THINK they are a vending machine prize. Clever. Clever little alien.


TLC said...

That's so funny! We have tons of decorating touches like that.. maybe they are real, too.

For the record, I threw the cucumber away as soon as snapped the picture. I have seen rotten vegetables before, but never with so much...texture.


Amy said...

lol that looks like something around my house my kids would do

Victoria said...

for me it's army men - they are everywhere and I do mean everywhere!


Suz Broughton said...

Does Jack have an endless source talent? Now interior design? or maybe alien diplomacy?
Miss you.