Blogger-mmercial? Pay Per Post

Well, since I need to find away to legitimize this writting thing- I thought I would take a look at websites that pay for you to post about things. I came across Pay Per Post and was intrigued. Basically they list like a hundred different companies/concepts in categories you have pre-selected who will PAY you to post about them (looks like $5.00 is the average rate- but some as high as $20). Okay don't start panicking...I am not gonna get all Infomercial (I guess that would be Blogger-mercial right?) on you.....BUT if I happen to see something posted there that I find interesting or worth mentioning I just might do it. Ethically I will always tell you if it is Pay Per Post topic okay? Sound fair? ....and for those of you who think this is the worst thing a blogger can do...then you can just start sending me say $5.00 a day-or whenever you read... Then I won't have to pimp out my blog like this!!! Totally kidding....its pathetic that I have to say 'totally kidding'...besides the fact that it makes me sound MORE like a valley girl who is 13?.....FYI I read thru the current 100 they had listed and haven't found anything I think you need to know about yet......
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Ann said...

You are my Guinea Pig. I've looked into these websites but I just don't know...ya' know?
I'll be watching!

Carol VR said...

Funny I had an individual find me through a google blog search asking if I would write on a b;pg he set up topics THAT REQUIRED RESEARCH for a mere $10. Ahhh, no if it requires research than I'm not game.

I wish you luckbut have found far to many farces on the net.

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