Wow-inbreeding....never good out come.
For some reason this photo reminded me that even though I am a photographer (and because I am a photographer) I do not have a family portrait. I need to work on that....


Hey check it out- Steve over at OCThen has invited me to be a contributing blogger! Run on over (okay walk) and check out my first post....and take a look around too. There are some interesting posts about the OC back in the day.

Got Gum?

Photo Challenge Entry over at Exposaroonie (see the handy logo button on my side bar and go vote for my photo!).....GUM. I am an addict I think. And it could be genetic...huh mom? Juicy Fruit is always my favorite- but Orbitz 'Mojito Mint' is a close second. How would you like to be in the board meeting when that flavor got approved? "Hey Bob, how about Margarita Mint? Mimosa Mango? Beer Bubble?.....I know! Mojito Mint!!!! YES...that's it!

Cocktail flavors and gum...a perfect combination. It is a a really great flavor...but I do have a hankering to hit happy hour after each piece.

You've got some nerve lady...

"When you are restless, sleepless, nervous try NERVINE!"
Apparently this was quite the wonder drug-Mary's kids can practically kill each other fighting over a ball, and Mary is totally immune. I mean her kids are fighting so loud that her phone buddy even asks about them (notice the furrow in her brow too- either she is really annoyed or missed her last Botox appointment)....but nothing bothers Mary. I bet Mary's phone buddy doesn't even have kids...she has no idea what poor Mary is going through these days. Of course the woman needs drugs to make it thru the day- she has THREE kids and it looks like one of them may have given her a black eye earlier. I mean cut poor Mary some slack- she is wearing one of the kids bibs and is clearly having a bad hair day too. I say you take those liquid and effervescent tablets Mary! Don't worry, your phone buddy will watch the kids while you are in rehab.....that will teach her to complain about a little background noise!


Take it out of my pay.....

Finally a new study has determined the actual worth of a stay at home mom.....I think the figure is WAY too low. ($117,000) Clearly they do not know what I do all day (and night) around here!
Click here to read all about it!

Photo Dare Thursday

Okay my blog buddy at We are THAT family- wants us to do it again (every Thursday actually) photos from our past. And then explain what the heck is going on...

I am 14 in this photo. I am in a San Francisco hotel room...I had travelled there with my dance troupe. I asked one of the moms to take my picture- I think because I thought I looked SO COOL. Let me break it down for ya: beret on my head (not raspberry beret, but just as bad) over my Pat Benatar haircut, lilac eyeshadow, denim puffy sleeve-mandarian collar jacket with vintage war medals sewn on (by my mom-thanks mom), the absolute coolest tank top made out of kind rag strips. (I would wear it NOW I swear), jaunty crop denim pants and the real star of the show; the slouchy boots with the sock top squished down to make it even cooler.

I just remember feeling SO HOT and SO COOL in this outfit. I HAD to have a picture.....I guess to show you people 24 years later!

Meet McGyver Mom

I saw her. She stood in line at the Long Beach Aquarium with 5 kids. I figured they were all her children- since she eventually grabbed each one by the ear and said ‘knock it off’ with such authority- I was certain none of these kids belong to the neighbors. She stood confidently. She was calm. First it was the one in the stroller who dropped her pacifier- quickly McGyver Mom whisked it up and reached into her magic bag (some call it a purse) and grabbed a wipey and cleaned that paci and returned it to kid #1. By then Kid #2 had attempted a headstand at the daring of Kid #3 and Kid#4 and inevitably fell and scratched his elbow. Yes it was bleeding. McGyver Mom didn’t show an ounce of panic- again she reached into the magic bag and pulled out not only an appropriately sized bandaid (I have been known to use 3 small ones to cover a boo-boo) but also anti-bacterial spray. Spritz, Spritz…all was well. While this was going on Kid #5 began a sneezing attack which required allergy medicine, a sip of water, eye drops and tissues from the Magic Bag. She handed him all of this while she gave Kid #4 and #5 a super bouncy ball to play with during the wait. But this made #1, #3 and #5 jealous- no worry: baby rattle, Gameboy and Ipod make their way out of the bag and into their waiting hands. She noticed the Gameboy battery was broken. She reached in the Magic Bag and pulled out (now this is where I really got impressed)…she pulled out DUCT TAPE…and fixed the Gameboy. After that she decided to whip out a small brush and touch up the kids hair. Her cell phone rang. I leaned in…."Hi honey…just the usual…” McGyver Mom. She’s got you covered. What is usual for her- is amazing to me.


Weiner Adtalk

Susie: Thanks for the wiener Katie, I am gonna dance with mine... Katie: SO glad you came by- and what are the odds we would both be wearing the same ugly sweater! Susie: Hey SWELL widows-peak Kate...and I love how the headband action really shows it off. Katie: Only when I keep my head down like this...I am starting to get a kink in my neck. Susie: Watch out those are hot.. Katie: Actually I have to pee, can you take over? Susie: Sure! I love weiners! I mean who doesn't???

Works for Me Wednesday

Hello all- I have placed my post for the day (who am I kidding I am sure I will post something else today, I can't help myself) over on The OC Register site. It is "Dog Tags for kids...leash not required" I sure would love it if you could click yourself over there and read. Please leave your comments there as well- I am still trying to impress the editor with my legions of fans! (all 7 of you).....


The all-american pastime...made in China

So while watching Tucker play the all American game of baseball, Jack and I looked down and had a giggle. Every baseball we picked up said the same. Is anything made here in the good ol USA? I am as much a supporter of a global economy as the next gal…but it is starting to close in on me.

My mom said it...

With Mother's Day fast approaching- I see all over the Internet little contests (OC Register) and blog carnivals (BlogHer) that ask the same thing; "what is the best advice your mother ever gave you?" Now my mom has given loads- tons even- of not just good- but GREAT advice. There was never a time when I could not come to her with a problem (even now) and she will listen to all the boring details and offer truly constructive advice. But here are a few of her best catch phrases that I find myself repeating to my own children...
"Be careful what you wish for"....I was and am a big dreamer. I think big and am always looking forward to the next and the next and the next. I would often become too focused on achieving certain goals...and this little phrase from mom always brought me back to reality. Reminding me that things are not always what they seem- and sometimes what we have and where we are in our life is wonderful too.
"These are the kind of problems other people wish they could have" is easy to complain about our little problems in life. Things that seem SO IMPORTANT.....but with this little phrase my mom always reminded me that not everyone has the luxury of worrying about which car to buy or stressing over vacation plans.
"Two wrongs don't mike a right".....I say this so often to my son, he now replies with "yes but two rights make a left" (it is like living with Groucho Marx).....It is really a phrase that can be applied to so many of life's grievances. Revenge at any level is just not good.
So thanks Mom for ALL your great advice. You have given me plenty of material to use on my own do you have any ideas how to get them to stop leaving dirty clothes on the floor?


They came, they rode....and they left.

Well, folks they came, they saw and they left. The Disney Virgins landed and CONQUERED all things Disney in 3 days. They arrived in their much used and loved minivan with their solar phone chargers and wheat bread (They are SO Northern Calif). The first night we begged and pleaded for the little ones to sleep- too much excitement for everyone. By the next day after 13 hours at Disneyland, we begged them NOT to fall asleep in the car on the way home! Then the morning of the third day…My girlfriend made the grave error of asking her kids what 2 rides each they wanted to go on for a second time. She was flirting with danger and asking for problems. Her kids are clever- no one had the same 2 favorites as the other one-meaning there were 6 rides to be ridden that day. Naturally these were the 6 rides in the park with the longest lines, and it was Saturday which everyone knows is hell day at Disneyland… somewhere after lunch reality set-in and the list was revised to 3. They made it to the 3 rides and had time to shop for souvenirs. I forced them to get Mickey Ears…I explained it was a tradition and I may have falsely informed them it was a county law. I think every kid needs a pair of Mickey ears hanging on the their bed-post. A tangible reminder of magical memories. And yes….. I still have mine. And despite what my girlfriend thinks, I really do love having house guests…it is like a grown-up sleep over. You get to see your best friends in their jammies, have someone to chat with over your morning coffee. And you can make the whole container of Pancake batter; no need to save left-overs, because there aren’t any! Plus you have major back-up with kid discipline- so this time I actually had eyes in the back of my head. Everything about it is wonderful. Except for now. Now is the hardest. Now they are gone and my house seems lonely and quiet. The party is over. My boys are moping around like someone died. And they are talking about them nostalgically and they have only been gone 20 minutes “Mom I remember playing this when they were here…man that was fun huh mom?”….I think I will check my calendar and see when the boys and I can go up their way this summer. But I am bringing my sourdough bread and vanilla Coffeemate. Some things a girl needs….


Announcing Bloggy Couture!

I feel as if this deserves a bit more fan fare than this- but here goes. My friend Suzanne and I have created a little joint venture in Apparel and Accessories wait for it.....for just BLOGGERS! Yeah- that's right folks we needed something to fill up all our free time (k that was a joke-giggle now).....we are hoping to sell shirts at the BlogHer 2008 as well. That is if I can get my husband to believe it is an actual 'conference' and not just an excuse to drink Mojtos by a hotel pool. If he hadn't already gotten me the greatest Mother's Day gift ever-I would have asked for the BlogHer weekend..... Either way- the link is on the right (and here) if you have free time (again me with the jokes) go ahead and take a peak. It is evolving and I will add more styles and items as the days go by. As always- we would love the feed back...oh and spread the word too. We thought it was high time we bloggers could tell the world what we are thinking with our clothes...and not just our blogs! Will we ever shut up?


I have been tagged (bloggers are so immature- I love that!) by I love Retro Things I have been asked to tell you 3 random things about me: 1. I prefer Ellen over Oprah 2. I attended Prince's birthday party in Paris in 1987. Wow long time ago! 3. I can ride a dirt bike and drive a dune buggy Okay- now I must tag some other unsuspecting bloggers; So "tag you are it" to: Barefoot Gypsy, Suzanne and Victoria.

3 Days at Disney: the final numbers

I have just spent three days doing nothing but Disneyland with my very very good friends from Northern California for the past 3 days. Here is a breakdown:
  1. I have seen 5 parades
  2. I saw 1 firework show
  3. I drank 7 diet cokes (at $3.75 each)
  4. I ate 1 frozen banana and loved every bite.
  5. I ate 1 veggie burger, 1 portabello hot dog and 1 shrimp pasta salad (Disneyland is getting fancy!)
  6. I had only 1 ride break while on it....
  7. I took 600 photos (thank God for digital)
  8. I walked 40,000 steps total (I adore my pedometer)
  9. I got 2 blisters.
  10. I used 2 bandaides
  11. I saw more people than I can count wearing clothes that were 6 sizes too small for them!
  12. I saw 1 woman asked to get off a ride because she was too large.
  13. On the second day- we stayed 13.5 hours. Insane
  14. I got 2 headaches.
  15. I took 6 Advil
  16. I asked for Decaf coffee for my girlfriend 6 times and was told 'Disney does not provide decaf' every time (I never give up)
  17. I counted about 50 water fountains that I never ever knew were there.....
  18. I only had to threaten my kids "we are leaving RIGHT now unless you get a better attitude, and start being grateful we are here this instant"....ONCE! (a true miracle)
  19. I saw a million grown women wearing princess tiaras on their heads. Weird.
  20. I thought I lost my Annual Pass about a million times- I am paranoid about this.
  21. I watched as one hat from our group fell in the water and was lost forever.
  22. I gave "Stranger Danger" speech to the kids 30 times
  23. We went on every ride in Disneyland and California Adventure.
But most importantly- I had countless hours of perfect joy watching my closest friends and their children experience Disney for the first time. It was wonderful- and exhausting.....oh and in case you are wondering the matching t-shirt thing really comes in handy when you are tracking 5 kids at a time!
Lots more posts to come on this whole experience. The people watching is SO BLOG WORTHY!