Take it out of my pay.....

Finally a new study has determined the actual worth of a stay at home mom.....I think the figure is WAY too low. ($117,000) Clearly they do not know what I do all day (and night) around here!
Click here to read all about it!


Anonymous said...

When I click "HERE" in your text, it doesn't take me anywhere.
Anyone else have this prob?

lynnjax said...

Heather Mills got $50 million for a couple of years. I'm feeling a little undervalued here. I mean, I can still flip around a stripper pole and hang by my legs, upside down from the chandelier. Can she?? I'm just sayin' is all. What's a girl gotta do for $50 mill? Huh(?)... Paul, I guess. Yaaaaaaa, ok, I'm goin to h*ll. LOL (Don't send hate mail... I'm KIDDING.