3 Days at Disney: the final numbers

I have just spent three days doing nothing but Disneyland with my very very good friends from Northern California for the past 3 days. Here is a breakdown:
  1. I have seen 5 parades
  2. I saw 1 firework show
  3. I drank 7 diet cokes (at $3.75 each)
  4. I ate 1 frozen banana and loved every bite.
  5. I ate 1 veggie burger, 1 portabello hot dog and 1 shrimp pasta salad (Disneyland is getting fancy!)
  6. I had only 1 ride break while on it....
  7. I took 600 photos (thank God for digital)
  8. I walked 40,000 steps total (I adore my pedometer)
  9. I got 2 blisters.
  10. I used 2 bandaides
  11. I saw more people than I can count wearing clothes that were 6 sizes too small for them!
  12. I saw 1 woman asked to get off a ride because she was too large.
  13. On the second day- we stayed 13.5 hours. Insane
  14. I got 2 headaches.
  15. I took 6 Advil
  16. I asked for Decaf coffee for my girlfriend 6 times and was told 'Disney does not provide decaf' every time (I never give up)
  17. I counted about 50 water fountains that I never ever knew were there.....
  18. I only had to threaten my kids "we are leaving RIGHT now unless you get a better attitude, and start being grateful we are here this instant"....ONCE! (a true miracle)
  19. I saw a million grown women wearing princess tiaras on their heads. Weird.
  20. I thought I lost my Annual Pass about a million times- I am paranoid about this.
  21. I watched as one hat from our group fell in the water and was lost forever.
  22. I gave "Stranger Danger" speech to the kids 30 times
  23. We went on every ride in Disneyland and California Adventure.
But most importantly- I had countless hours of perfect joy watching my closest friends and their children experience Disney for the first time. It was wonderful- and exhausting.....oh and in case you are wondering the matching t-shirt thing really comes in handy when you are tracking 5 kids at a time!
Lots more posts to come on this whole experience. The people watching is SO BLOG WORTHY!


Becky said...

One of my biggest fears in life is that I will be asked to get off a ride because I am too fat. ;)

Oh, and I only wish that I lived near enough to have an annual pass. I love those darn cookies shaped like Mickey's head..and oh we love the Chimichanga guy. Only $5.00 for something we could buy at QT for a buck. :)

Love the mouse!

Runningamuck said...

I love the breakdown of the trip.
=0) And I always do the matching t-shirt color thing too. That's the only way I'm able to even remember what to be looking for if I loose sight of one of my four. I'd spend 5 minutes (that would feel like eternity) wracking my brain, trying to remember what that particular child last put on before we walked out the door that morning (since they change only about 50 times). All the while panicing that I was wasting precious time and that some stranger was walking off with my child while I sat and did a mental wardrobe check.

Okay, I've never actually lost a child yet. But that's how I imagine it all going down if I didn't use the matching color shirt theme. =0)

Great post. Makes me want to sell off a vehicle so that we can make the jaunt across town to visit mouseland ourselves...

Libba said...

Interesting to know.