Announcing Bloggy Couture!

I feel as if this deserves a bit more fan fare than this- but here goes. My friend Suzanne and I have created a little joint venture in Apparel and Accessories wait for it.....for just BLOGGERS! Yeah- that's right folks we needed something to fill up all our free time (k that was a joke-giggle now).....we are hoping to sell shirts at the BlogHer 2008 as well. That is if I can get my husband to believe it is an actual 'conference' and not just an excuse to drink Mojtos by a hotel pool. If he hadn't already gotten me the greatest Mother's Day gift ever-I would have asked for the BlogHer weekend..... Either way- the link is on the right (and here) if you have free time (again me with the jokes) go ahead and take a peak. It is evolving and I will add more styles and items as the days go by. As always- we would love the feed back...oh and spread the word too. We thought it was high time we bloggers could tell the world what we are thinking with our clothes...and not just our blogs! Will we ever shut up?


Becky said...

How about a shirt that says, "I just spent three days reading blogs and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. (Because I haven't done the laundry.)"

Yep, long-winded, but I'd wear it.

If it came in black...I'm a black girl. Well, not an african american, just really like to wear black.

Oh, just shut up already.

Anonymous said...

When are you doing a giveaway? Good stuff.

lisa m said...

marci! perfect! me wanna!