They came, they rode....and they left.

Well, folks they came, they saw and they left. The Disney Virgins landed and CONQUERED all things Disney in 3 days. They arrived in their much used and loved minivan with their solar phone chargers and wheat bread (They are SO Northern Calif). The first night we begged and pleaded for the little ones to sleep- too much excitement for everyone. By the next day after 13 hours at Disneyland, we begged them NOT to fall asleep in the car on the way home! Then the morning of the third day…My girlfriend made the grave error of asking her kids what 2 rides each they wanted to go on for a second time. She was flirting with danger and asking for problems. Her kids are clever- no one had the same 2 favorites as the other one-meaning there were 6 rides to be ridden that day. Naturally these were the 6 rides in the park with the longest lines, and it was Saturday which everyone knows is hell day at Disneyland… somewhere after lunch reality set-in and the list was revised to 3. They made it to the 3 rides and had time to shop for souvenirs. I forced them to get Mickey Ears…I explained it was a tradition and I may have falsely informed them it was a county law. I think every kid needs a pair of Mickey ears hanging on the their bed-post. A tangible reminder of magical memories. And yes….. I still have mine. And despite what my girlfriend thinks, I really do love having house guests…it is like a grown-up sleep over. You get to see your best friends in their jammies, have someone to chat with over your morning coffee. And you can make the whole container of Pancake batter; no need to save left-overs, because there aren’t any! Plus you have major back-up with kid discipline- so this time I actually had eyes in the back of my head. Everything about it is wonderful. Except for now. Now is the hardest. Now they are gone and my house seems lonely and quiet. The party is over. My boys are moping around like someone died. And they are talking about them nostalgically and they have only been gone 20 minutes “Mom I remember playing this when they were here…man that was fun huh mom?”….I think I will check my calendar and see when the boys and I can go up their way this summer. But I am bringing my sourdough bread and vanilla Coffeemate. Some things a girl needs….


We are THAT Family said...

I hope you had a wonderful time! We are big Disney people, but are on a sabbatical because we have a toddler. Toddlers and Disney don't mix-for me anyway!

Becky said...

Even the worst week at Disneyland is better than the best week at school. (Or home doing laundry!)

We bloggers should all meet there one day! HA!