Got Gum?

Photo Challenge Entry over at Exposaroonie (see the handy logo button on my side bar and go vote for my photo!).....GUM. I am an addict I think. And it could be genetic...huh mom? Juicy Fruit is always my favorite- but Orbitz 'Mojito Mint' is a close second. How would you like to be in the board meeting when that flavor got approved? "Hey Bob, how about Margarita Mint? Mimosa Mango? Beer Bubble?.....I know! Mojito Mint!!!! YES...that's it!

Cocktail flavors and gum...a perfect combination. It is a a really great flavor...but I do have a hankering to hit happy hour after each piece.

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Suzanne said...

Ahhhh! I was going to do gum. I am addicted too. Great picture!