My mom said it...

With Mother's Day fast approaching- I see all over the Internet little contests (OC Register) and blog carnivals (BlogHer) that ask the same thing; "what is the best advice your mother ever gave you?" Now my mom has given loads- tons even- of not just good- but GREAT advice. There was never a time when I could not come to her with a problem (even now) and she will listen to all the boring details and offer truly constructive advice. But here are a few of her best catch phrases that I find myself repeating to my own children...
"Be careful what you wish for"....I was and am a big dreamer. I think big and am always looking forward to the next and the next and the next. I would often become too focused on achieving certain goals...and this little phrase from mom always brought me back to reality. Reminding me that things are not always what they seem- and sometimes what we have and where we are in our life is wonderful too.
"These are the kind of problems other people wish they could have".......it is easy to complain about our little problems in life. Things that seem SO IMPORTANT.....but with this little phrase my mom always reminded me that not everyone has the luxury of worrying about which car to buy or stressing over vacation plans.
"Two wrongs don't mike a right".....I say this so often to my son, he now replies with "yes but two rights make a left" (it is like living with Groucho Marx).....It is really a phrase that can be applied to so many of life's grievances. Revenge at any level is just not good.
So thanks Mom for ALL your great advice. You have given me plenty of material to use on my own kids.......now do you have any ideas how to get them to stop leaving dirty clothes on the floor?


Becky said...

I think it is three rights that make a left...but anyhoo...I can appreciate mom advice.

Some of the best mom advice I was given early on in my childrearing years was this:

"If it is wet and it is not yours, don't touch it."

Live and die by that one, baby.

Hand sanitizer or not.

barefoot gypsy girl said...

The only advice I ever got from my mom was to live with my boyfriend first--you don't drive a car off the lot without test driving it. Ummm, I didn't like that advice & opted not to test drive. It's worked for my so far :)

I think I like your mom's advice.

FishermansDaughter said...

or "no but two Wrights make an airplane." *RIM SHOT* Tip yer waitstaff, try the veal I'll be here all week!