I was invited to 2 high school reunions this month-and I am not going to either.
We moved the summer before my senior year at Kennedy and I graduated from a new high school (Troy High, yeah go Warriors!)….so I have always felt a little strange. If I attended the Troy reunion, I think I would only be recognized by a handful of people- and even then only as ‘that new girl with the ’56 Chevy’ (yup, thar she is in the photo- the day I go it- I was 16!). And if I attend Kennedy High (yeah go Irish!) I am really afraid they will have forgotten all about me in the year I was gone. I was not a ‘real’ senior with the Kennedy class either- will they even let me go? What if I try and there is an ugly scene at the door to the Hilton banquet room? “I am sorry m’am but I am going to have to ask you to leave- you didn’t actually graduate with these people”…..No I didn’t. But a lot of those people I knew since Jr. High and even some since elementary school…, since I am not one for confrontation…I am going to be staying home from BOTH reunions this year. But you know me- I did register on-line for the bio book for both schools…and I left my blog page address. If they remember me-and want to know what my life is like- this is a pretty good place to start don’t ya think?


EmilyPie said...

sweet ride!

.. that must be a difficult situation as far as where your loyalty resides and to go back or not... I've decided that I pretty much stay in touch with everyone I want to stay in touch with since high school ... and for the others, there is always facebook.

Suzanne said...

Look at you? So very cool...I haven't gone to any of mine either. Maybe at 25 years.

Runningamuck said...

My dad had a 55 Chevy when I was in Junior/High School. Man I loved that car. I "helped" him restore it. Almost the same colors as yours. We were re-creating the one he had when he was younger.

Amy said...

hey Marcy, yup I agree with you, what if they don't give your blog address out to people to check out though? My high school had a reunion last year but I really wasn't interested either. for one, I'd kept in contact with the friends I'd made back then and secondly there wasn't anyone I wanted to catch up with anyway, btw can I add you to my blog links? :-)