I am not SUPER...

Recently, I was identified on the OC Register Mom Blog Feed as a “A Yorba Linda Supermom”. As soon as I saw it I cringed. I thought to myself- ‘NO ONE will click on my posts now! Calling your self a SUPER mom is totally arrogant’. I consulted with mommy friends and they all agreed. The supermom tag line HAD to go. The editor didn’t pull it out of thin air- in my bio I have the line “A Supermom using my powers for good and not evil”. Which I think is pretty funny, but really nothing more. I am not by any means claiming to be a certified SUPERmom. I am most definitely not. Can I do it all, and do it perfectly with a smile on my face and a kind tone in my voice at all times? Nope. No way Jose. Oh, I have had super moments, and even super days….but I am by no means a supermom. I am more a ‘Trying- really- hard- not- to- mess- up- my- kids- mom’….or ‘making - it -up -as-I-go-along mom’ and by the end of a long day I can even be called ‘Doing-the-bare-minimum-mom’.
It is a tough title to uphold.
And besides the cape keeps getting in the way when I am doing the dishes.
Update: The OC Register changed my tag line to “a Yorba Linda MOM”. What a relief.
To read this post on the OC Register, and to click 'reccomend' so they know people are reading me-go ahead and click HERE. It would be very much appreciated!

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We are THAT Family said...

We all have a little super in us and a little of super bad too. It all balances out, mostly!