Welcome to the MOB

Welcome to the official meeting of the Mother Of Boys (MOB). Please take a seat, and we will begin. Today Marcy is going to give a presentation for our new members. Her presentation will go over just some of the pros and cons of being a MOB member. This will be by no means a complete list. A few Pros….
  • When they get hurt you can say ‘shake it off’ and they do…
  • T-shirts. T-shirts with everything. No need for fancy outfits for these little guys
  • No Polly Pocket pieces to get out of the vacuum
  • They enjoy getting messy: picking weeds is just another excuse to dig for worms
  • Being dragged to an Angels game and loving it.
  • Their compulsion to bring lizards (you hope it is a lizard) into the house-alive or dead

Just Some of the cons….

  • They think all body functions are a crack up. And mention them (or do them) often in public.
  • When they go to prom- I won’t get pictures with his date (yes I think of this already)
  • Girls will break their hearts…and girls can be so mean as we all I know.
  • Not a stitch of pink in my house- except my closet.
  • Endless hours watching sports, Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs- and pretending to enjoy it
  • The frequent wrestling for no reason at all….and the point IS to do it till someone gets hurt
  • Getting Legos out of the vacuum, the air vents, the bathtub, their NOSE etc, etc, etc….
  • They pee standing up- and they are not the best with their aim.

This concludes my presentation. Questions or Comments? Yes you there in the back…..


Anonymous said...

Carolyn said

"cute! CUTE! "

Janel said...

Oh my! so funny! So true!