The Baby Doll and the Boy

Boys and girls are different. Okay no news flash here- but until I had boys I did not realize HOW different. Reminds me of a story…
When I was pregnant with my 2nd I bought a little dolly for my first born who was 2 years old. I read somewhere in one of my 300 books on pregnancy that this was a good way to help the toddler ‘adjust’ to the new baby. I had visions of Toddler Jack play feeding and play changing the baby doll. I saw sweet moments in my future with that little doll. When Jack first saw the doll he was interested- and he seemed to be fascinated by its open and closing eyes and tiny clothes. ‘This is going well’ I thought smugly to myself. Boys can play with dolls just like girls. Why didn’t I do this sooner? I left him in his room for playtime while I went to go get dinner started. With a peaceful confident heart I floated into the kitchen thinking I had this mom thing mastered. Minutes later Toddler Jack comes in the room behind me and yells “mommy I love dis baby!” …my back was turned and I continued stirring and smiling and said “that is great honey- now why do you love the baby doll?” And then I turned and saw the horror in front of me. Before I could speak Toddler Jack said “cuz dis baby good for gof!”……….yes folks, Toddler Jack was using the new precious baby doll to GOLF a ball around the house. He was swinging that poor doll by its feet and knocking the ball with the head.
Right then and there I realized- Boys and Girls are different. Okay my boys are different. It must be genetic. I am happy to report after Tucker was born, Jack did not try to golf with his little brother. Okay he tried- but I was on to him by then.


shelly said...

Hahaha! What memories! Our second son was only 19 months old when we had our first daughter. I did the same thing thing -- bought a darling little doll that he could play and cuddle with while I was nursing the newborn. I went to sit in a lawnchair (nursing, of course), in the backyard to watch the 19 month old playing with his almost 4 yr. old brother. They were seeing how far they could throw it. When it would land, they'd tackle it until it was practically buried into the ground, When that cute little pink baby doll with grass stains and mud on it's face finally sailed over the high fence to the excited barks next door, I just wrote off that 20 bucks I'd spent to get a life-like baby. I only cringed a little as I heard the growls next door as they tore it from limb to limb. Got another when when my daughter was about a year, and it got cuddled to my heart's content. Ignored by her brothers. (thank goodness!)

Anonymous said...

Carolyn Said

Love the last 2 lines. Very well written...and funny