My Blog-y Date

I am Internet dating. Yes, I know I am married already- but that doesn't stop a girl like me...actually what I mean is I met for lunch today with two ladies (girls? gals?chicks?) met on line thru this blogging thing. I met with Suzanne and Vickie. And I would say it was a pretty good first date. They are just as funny, cute and fabulous (okay more) in person as they are on-line. and I gotta say it was a relief. I was worried it might not go well, and then what would I do? Gosh I hope I didn't talk too much. (okay I know I talked too much) but we had fun and we laughed a lot. And we only used the word "blog" about 372 times during lunch. These are definitely my kinda people. Suzanne took a photo (of course she did) so I am praying when it makes its way to her blog she photoshops me to look younger/skinny-er/smoother than in real life....and by the way I was on time. Suz was waiting at the wrong restaurant.


Suzanne said...

Can I help it if I am a dork? I had Red Robin on the brain. Don't worry, all photos must be approved by the people in them, so you have veto power.
So busy, will post about our lunch date tonight.
It was sooo very nice to meet you.

Victoria said...

You're a doll - lunch was fun and YeS Suz you're a dork! but i love ya anyways - oops this is Marcy's blog not suz's - Marcy the pic of us is darling, Suz has one of those magic camera that makes us all look great!!