Yesterday while walking into Mimi’s for lunch with my friend, we saw the personalized license plate: “XMAS 72”. (darn my little camera is broken couldn’t get a shot) What a mystery!!! (I am so Nancy Drew) What does this mean to this person? Were they born on XMAS 72? Married then? Perhaps that was when they got their license for the first time?…I was tempted to ask everyone in the restaurant if the XMAS 72 car belong to them, and get the whole story (I am sure it is a good story)…but my girlfriend shot me a look of horror when I suggested it and brought me back to reality (you know the reality where you don’t do things like THAT).
Personalized plates are more popular here in So Cal than anywhere else I suspect (personal experience only-not an official stat)….and I myself have owned two. The first was a 16th birthday present to go with my white Camaro Z28 (Yeah I was cool like that) and it proclaimed my ownership: “MARCEYM”. I had that plate on plenty of cars. By the time I moved to Hollywood after college I learned a plate like that is not so great- people (silly boys) would call out my name like “Hey Marcy how’s it going?!” and I would instinctively say “Hi!” right back to them, before I realized they were just reading my plate. Became kinda creepy. So when I got my next car (an insanely sexy red convertible) I ordered “TOOHAPY” for my new plate. And I really was TOO HAPPY (still am).
Now you wanna know about the photo right? Last summer when I was taking the boys on their first visit to Griffith Observatory (remember the Rock -n-Roll Laserium?) we saw “EDSTNKS” in on the car in front of us in traffic. I took a picture. We laughed and laughed. My husbands name is Ed. Yet another thing he didn’t find funny.
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Anonymous said...

My husband has actually had to talk me out of pulling up next to someone at a red light, motioning to them to roll down the window (a la the Grey Pupon commercial), and asking them what their plate meant. :) Thank you for assuring me that I'm not the only one!!!

OH, and on a related note: if someone has a bumper sticker on their car, I HAVE to get close enough to know what it says, or I'll go crazy and not stop thinking about it all day. I'm very easy to mess with psychologically.

Anonymous said...

I tottally agree with you! I hate when people put personalized plates on their cars and I cannot figure out what it means. What is the real purpose of putting plates on if no one on this universe can figure out the meaning? I had persnalized plates, but if you cannot figure them out, well there is a huge problem!

rudegirl67 said...

I took a pic of this car today! I found your blog when looking to see if anyone else thought it was as funny as I did. Very odd. My Husband is named Ed as well, so I too, thought this was hilarious. Whoever owns this car has a connection to Whittier College, in LA. That's where I saw this gem of a plate.