Appliance Trifecta

Recently- I purchased a new washer and dryer. It was purchased before I started blogging here- or trust me you would have heard about it already. As any wife/mother/Maid knows- the washer and dryer in your life are very important. Perhaps more important than the coffee maker, but less important than the microwave. Those are pretty much the trifecta of appliances for me…and without them, my world would just fall apart. Or at the minimum it would be crankier, dirtier and uncooked. Anyways- what was I saying? Oh yeah…I gots me a new washer and dryer. And I am pretty happy about it. I studied on line for hours, for days even comparing features and energy efficiencies. I looked at the repair histories and maintenance plans for each. I even got crazy and looked in the store at the wide variety of colors available (There is a Candy Apple Red …with all the new chrome accents it would be like having a very small Porsche in your laundry room. And for only slightly less cost). But in the end the decision was made very very clear to me. I remember the moment of clarity like it was yesterday; the salesman said these magical words “this one is big enough to get two loads done at once”. And in case the look of total disbelief didn’t convince him he has just sealed the deal- he added “and it is on SALE”.
So say hello to the latest members of my appliance crew: the Kenmore Elite front loading washer and dryer in Champagne. I haven’t named them yet- but I was thinking something like Penn and Teller….not for any reason other than it makes me laugh. And shouldn’t laundry be funny? Oh- it shouldn’t? Well, it is in my house. I crack up everytime I think about how much more I have to go do…..

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Becky said...

I stumbled upon your blog today and feel as if I have met my twin in some respects. I have pictures (one even made it into my highschool yearbood, ugh) of me putting my mascara on. :) Lashes were of extreme importance in those days.

And then when I hit this post, about your new appliances, I knew we were soul-mates of sorts. Should you have a moment, take a peek at my first blog post (back in March of this year) about laundry...and my CANDY APPLE RED washer and dryer. :0)

You made me laugh today, so thanks! ;)

Becky, the maid