This is YOUR Life- Live Version

Okay here is a little tid-bit of inside information about me; when I am in public and I 'run into' people I know, or might have known I generally run the other way. Not always- I mean not if you are a relative or in my inner posse (um, my inner posse is like 3 people and one lives 400 miles away)...but you get my point don't you? I have always wondered why I do this....I mean sometimes it is because I might not look my best but usually I do it because I am afraid the other person will not REMEMBER ME. I am terrified of the awkward pause...the 'um, so okay well great to see you' thing. So just now (literally JUST now-I ran in to write this post) I was at the grocery store when it happened. (It happened on July 4th too if you can believe it- read here) Only this time I didn't see the other person first. I was ambushed. No place to run. No way to hide my face while pretending to inspect bunches of radishes. I was trapped in the frozen food section when I heard "oh my gosh MARCY! IS that YOU?"....for a split second I considered lying or throwing out a 'no habla English'....but I couldn't. This woman looked so happy to see me. And I stood there with no memory of her at all. Turns out she knew me from college....and all I can recall about her was that she drove a Jeep with no doors on it. And then she said it....'wow you haven't changed at all!' there was a time in my 20's, heck even my earlier 30's that hearing that comment would have bummed me out. I would have thought- "Hell yes I have changed- I have changed for the BETTER!"....but today, as I am closer to 40 and fighting gravity with all I can muster...well to hear I haven't changed at a HUGE compliment to me. I wanted to tell her that actually I have changed. After college I was really HOT and SEXY and now I have just changed BACK to my old self..but that might have been strange. Okay note to self: wear bra, make up and contacts next time I leave the house....


Ann said...

I get you!!!
I run from people too!
My 42nd b-day is tomorrow and I just adore when someone says "You don't look that old". (Adore, while cringing.)
I mean, all of these lotions and potions I've been using had better be working. How else to explain the credit card bill to my husband.

foolery said...

Hey, Ann, happy birthday tomorrow! Small world: I'll be 43 tomorrow. :)

I usually hide by looking right through people. It doesn't work when they call you out, however, but if your eye contact doesn't connect it's a lot harder for them to pin you down.

Bitchy? Probably. But I'm not unfriendly, just a self-preservationist with a fuzzy memory.

Brittany said...

I could not relate to this post MORE! It is for that reason, i am never leaving the house again without a push up bra and false eyelashes.

HRH said...

I have a horrible inablilty to remember people/where I know them from if they are in a different place then I met them or with different people. It sucks.

And oh, ya, the "you haven't changed comment" is translated in my head as "wow you are as sexy as a 20 y/o". hahaha