Playdates and Me

Playdates and me have had a rocky past. I have always been the fan of having other kids play with mine..when they were toddlers it was to help 'socialize' them (cuz everybody loves a social toddler ya know) and when they were a bit older it helped them to share toys and learn to do team activities. But my biggest challenge was always the fact that along with little Billy or Bobby came their MOTHERS. Don't get me wrong- I love to sit and chat with a lady friend from time to time- but it is really hard to do it WHILE trying to supervise small children. So I was always left at the end of the playdate feeling like I missed out on what my boys were doing- and I felt like I hadn't really completed a sentence in my mommy visit either. This once reached a terrible pinnacle when during a 'playdate' me and the other mommy found ourselves in the middle of a juicy conversation when one of the kiddies who was potty training had to go NOW. Well we ended up all sitting together in the potty room waiting for the little potty-trainer to do his business and we mommies continued our conversation there. Yes, talking and chatting all thru it including the 'now wipe me mommy' part. Lovely right? But now, my boys are older and playdates are so different. For one- we don't call them 'dates' anymore. And best of all- the kids get dropped off. So I no longer have to worry about having the whole house clean and perfect kid AND mommy snacks to serve. Nope- now the invited kid runs from the car to my door- and I wave to the mommy and she drives away. And happily my boys have pretty darn good taste in friends. I really enjoy these boys who visit. They allow me to see my kids through a new set of eyes. Like today I learned from Jack's friend who went to the beach with us, that Jack is known as the super nice kid at school. Really? How wonderful I thought. Um, I also learned Jack is known as the one who does the best arm-farts as well.....oh, this mother is so proud either way.
(Photo note: Jack and his buddy Baylor...a heck of a playdate and a good friend)


Threeundertwo said...

So true! I love the curb dropoffs as well. Next best thing is the "pick them both up from school" playdates where I get to hear all the juicy stuff they talk about in the back seat while I am invisible.

Congratulations on your nice, talented kid! LOL.

Kandace said...

I'm stuck in perpetual play date hell. And to be honest both my kids and I totally suck at them. Anyway, glad to hear it does end at some point and I can stop getting ready for these dates at some point. Also, you should be totally proud of your arm farter...that is AWESOME! *giggle*

HRH said...

Oooo. I can't wait for the DROP off. It is so rare to find kids attached to a decent mom or a mom attached to decent kids. WHY?