Rock'n and Roll'n in OC. Not in a good way.

If you live in my world (the OC) you have heard nothing but coverage about the 5.8 earthquake(epicenter 10 miles from my house) we all experienced this morning. It is STILL on the news and the radio. We get very excited about our earthquakes. If you are from some other part of the country (or world- hello to my Aussie readers!) you probably don't even know about it. Because I have a feeling that when a report of an earthquake hits the news wire in say Oklahoma-the news editor says 'earthquake. California...like that is NEWS?'....so unless people die (and thankfully no one has that we know of)...it hardly gets mentioned. So for all my out of OC folks-let me break it down for you:
Sitting at my mom's house drinking a cup of coffee and discussing home improvement, my late father and my plans for Saturday night when a huge BANG is heard and felt. It is like a giant has picked up the edge of the house-but lost his grip and let go. But he is mad about that so he wraps his arms around the house and starts to shake it...HARD. The windows rattle and things start falling off shelves. We ran to the hallway. For as many years as I can remember we Californians have been told to 'get to a doorway' in the event of an earthquake. something about them being the 'strongest' place in the house. Yeah right...cuz I see SO MANY doorways standing amongst the rubble of other earthquakes...but I digress with my sarcasm.
We ran to the hall and by the time we go there the shaking started to slow....and then.....stop. We gingerly walked thru the house assessing the damage. As the chandeliers swung back and forth and the pool was still making waves we made note of paintings on the floor and nick-nacs awry. But happily her china cabinet had tiny little nails in the doors to secure them from swinging open and dumping the contents on the floor (the genius of my late father). Everything in them had shifted and was pressed against the doors- but nothing was broken. So I said "oh Amen"....and she said "what about your house?".........yeah seems I didn't inherit my late dad's sense of genius because I never secured my china cupboards at all. First I had to find my family.
Phones were not working and cell service was shut off. I e-mailed my husband. he was going to run to day camp to check on Jack and I was going to Tucker who was on a field trip at a bowling alley. Kids were fine. Kids were actually more than fine- they were HAPPY and HYPED up. When Tucker saw me coming in the bowling alley he said "Mom are you here to do the next earthquake with me? They said we will probably have another one!"........then he told me how he was bowling at the time and part of the ceiling came down very close to him. he was thrilled. He thought the whole thing was great. It is nice to be a kid and not think of the worst happening to people I suppose. Next I went to the Assisted Living home to check on my great uncle and great aunt. They were fine as well. So finally I went home.
It wasn't as bad as it could have been. I lost a few vases. And a glass blender was shattered on the floor of my pantry- along with a glass bottle of vinegar. My medicine cabinet had opened and there were pills and medicines all over my bathroom. Pictures down all over the house....but all in all. Not bad. Of course I woke Google and Pixel (hammies) up to be sure they were still alive. They were alive, I was alive and my kids, husband and everyone else was alive too.
I went to the grocery store to get something for diner after cleaning the house up. Closed. All the grocery stores were closed. Yippee -take out night for dinner. The only upside to the earthquake so far.
So that my friends is the story of the earthquake today. Thanks to all my bloggy buds who contacted me to be sure I was okay. SO nice to know that people care. Now does anyone have any advice how to get the smell of vinegar out of a stone floor in my kitchen? It smells like Easter egg dying party in here.....cuz that is the only reason I even own vinegar folks.
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Soliloquy said...

If you lead the Glamorous Life, I lead the Ignorant Life.

I didn't know about the earthquake until Spin came home from work and mentioned it.

In my defense, I did think about you first.

Glad all is well.

About six years ago, there was an earthquake in Alabama - about 100 miles from Atlanta. It was EARLY in the morning, but I was up - and I felt it.

My first response????


Yes, the surefire way to end up DEAD in an earthquake.

My Midwestern tornado reflexes kicked in. Some help they were!!

Can't help you with the vinegar thing. Sorry. Think the stink will wear off by October??

Gina said...

Congrats on the surviving the quake!! We here in Ohio did sort of say "yeah. earthquake. California. not a bad one." Glad it WASN'T a bad one and you didn't have too much damage. That would scare the dickens out of me, no matter HOW big or small!!!!

Does OC stand for Orange County??

As for the vinegar... I would think it would dissipate soon. Just let the pantry air. I use vinegar with water to wash my wood floors (recommended by Merry Maids!) and the smell disappears pretty quickly- maybe just wipe the area really good with clean water.
Hope that helps!

Carol VR said...

It's ironic that vinegar is used as remedy to get stubborn smells out, yet on it's own it smells horrid. I wish you luck with that an I'm grateful to hear your all fine.

Good thing for that.

foolery said...

I saw your town listed as seven miles from the epicenter and got a little worried. I know it wasn't a big one, but you could have been bonked on the head by that blender . . . it could happen . . . Glad you're all safe!

-- Laurie

Headless Mom said...

Have been thinking about you for 2 days! Glad to know all is ok.

Candid Carrie said...

Well, we've got news updates every hour on the hour all the way over in Wisconsin!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

I can't imagine how that must have felt. I live in Texas. Not much earth shaking here. THANK GOD! Good luck with the vinegar.