The Universe gives me a do-over.

(I try hard to shorten my posts. but this one is long...I think it is worth the read!)
About a year and a half ago, while walking thru a store in the Irvine Spectrum a woman approached me and said ‘are these boys yours?’. I panicked. What did they do? “Actually,I am a scout for an agency and I would love to give you some information”. So before I could get the words “no chance in hell my kids are gonna be kid stars and end up in rehab at age 12” (see how I just assume they WILL be stars?)…Jack and Tucker were saying “Yes! I want to be an actor! Where do we go? What do we have to do?”…So the lady gave us some info. The following Saturday there I was someplace in Huntington Beach, a library I think. With about 100 other kids. My boys were totally thrilled to be there. Not scared. No nerves. Just thrilled. They were given scripts. Then they went into a room one by one and auditioned. The next day- a person called and told us the agency is ‘very interested’ in representing both Jack and Tucker and could we please come to Los Angeles for a meeting with the agent. Reluctantly I agreed. I told the kids over and over- most of these things are scams. They just want money from you. But we can go- just for the experience of it. So the NEXT Saturday we drove the hour to downtown Los Angeles. When we walked into the agent’s office we noticed about 6 other kids there as well. I told the receptionist we had an appointment. She said “well, we are running late…like an hour late”. So you know what we did? We left. Well we waited like a half an hour and then left. I explained to the boys that it didn't seem all that legitimate- since they should make people they are ‘very interested in' wait that long. The truth was- I didn't want to be the mom to drive to LA every time the phone rings for an audition. I didn't want to do it- even if they did. Bad Mom moment for sure.

Jack and Tucker never really let the whole thing go like I hoped. For a year and a half they have said ‘we would totally be TV stars by now if you had let us stay at that agents’… first I thought they were just being silly. But as time as gone one- and my boys have become MORE interested in performing and definitely more dramatic. I have had pangs of regret for not sitting there like some desperate stage mom until they called us in. But did I do anything about it? Nope. I lost the agents number. So that was that. Or so I thought… Tonight as I was driving to my husband’s softball game the agent’s assistant called. She asked if Jack and Tucker already had representation (um, yeah …I mean I represent. I am their MOM), and if they had been ‘working’ (if she meant working my last nerve-then yes)….and she wanted to know if I would reconsider and come see the agent this week. She said they saved their photos and audition tapes and the agent is really hung up on seeing them again. And is looking for boys their age (sounds creepy as I type that last sentence) for new Disney and Nickelodeon shows. And she asked…’are they still so adorable and charming?’….clearly she is not a mother….because of course my answer was a resounding ‘YES. Why yes they are. Actually they are the cutest and most talented kids in the universe’.
So am I thrilled about the possibility of having to drop everything when the phone rings to rush in traffic to auditions and go-sees? To have to deal with rejection and disappointment for both my boys and me?
No I don’t want to do it AT ALL.
But will I?
You bet.
The universe is giving me a do-over. A second chance. So this time I am gonna see it thru. Appointment is Saturday. I will let you know how it goes….stay tuned. That pun was so intended...


Sharon - MomGenerations said...

I LOVE your freshness... your honesty and humor! This is an exciting possibility, and I agree with on the YOU BET! Your boys and you and your family have nothing to lose. Your head is in a perfect place. Your heart is in a perfect place. Your boys have YOU through whatever comes... and let's just say it will be fabulous success!!

I'm definitely staying tuned!

Ann said...

I can't wait to hear how this goes!

Ann said...

I can't wait to hear how this goes!

Dan Twyman said...

If you show up, something will happen, If you don't show up, nothing will happen. Many have missed opportunities becuase they did not show up. Kepp pushing forward and soon, momentum will take over.

Candid Carrie said...

OH MY GOSH ... when I read the title I thought, Oh Uplinkearth gave her a second opportunity, I can read about that later.

Hells Bells. You should have typed that entire thing in all capital letters!






I am alright now. Wow.

Soliloquy said...

SHUT. UP. Are you kidding me?!

For what it's worth - I think you made the right decision to leave. If it's meant to be, it will be.

Wow. Are you going to still be friends with us?

Gina said...

ooh- today's Saturday!!
Can't wait to hear how it goes!!!

Candid Carrie said...


Jimmy said...

Things happen for a reason, just wait, you will end up giving up blogging for a life of talent management. Good Luck to all of you