AdTalk: Carol joins the team

Oh the difficulties of creating an ad campaign for such a 'delicate' subject. Even current ads on TV make me cringe a little....especially when my boys are watching too. But this one? This takes the cake....Lets here what our now famous Ad execs Bob and Mike were thinking when they came up with this one.
Bob: Another Tampax ad? These things creep me out.
Mike: Me too- but we got to do it
Bob: Isn't there a girl we could put on it?
Mike: Sure how about Carol from down the hall- she makes a mean cup of coffee.
(Carol is summoned with one of those giant box intercom things on Bob's desk)
Carol: Yes sir?
Bob: Hey Carol I know you have only been interning here after high school for a few months- but um, we have this campaign and we thought you could give it a try. Its for Tampax...any ideas?
Carol: Um, I see white...lots of white and insanely short skirts....perhaps a clown outfit.
Bob: Oh because nothing is more embarrassing that wearing a clown costume....or your period right?
Carol: Except talking about a Tampax ad with your bosses...THAT is more embarassing.
Mike: Thanks Carol- we will get the boys from photo to get right on it... Now can you get me a cup of coffee little darlin?


Anonymous said...

You are warped and I love it! :)

Amy said...

ooooh that is SO bad and SO 80's! ha ha
Would we have really worn stuff like that?

Victoria said...

no kidding - where and who thinks up these stupid ads, some punch drunk ex somewhere i guess

Stan Lee said...

We have a great tv show about advertising in Australia called The Gruen Transfer. A couple of weeks back they had a whole segment on female hygiene products. Well worth a look Marcy.

The url is:

To download the episode in question use this link:

It's episode 6.