Life Instructions

Did you ever realize it is just this simple?
I think I am going to print this out poster size and hang over my kids beds...basically these are the four things I am trying to teach them as a mom. Seriously, every single story, lesson, activity, moral, ethic comes down to one of these 4 things.
I think they should hand this out to new moms at the hospital soon after giving birth as well. "Here is your brand new baby, and don't forget the instructions.
Good luck with that-and remember no exchanges!"
image stolen from here and while you are there-
read a little it is an excellent blog on advertising and such...


ThatGirl said...

do not accept defeat looks like he already accepted it in a prison cell.

I kid.

Thanks for the instructions ;)

Victoria said...

i did print this out i love it i think i will post in the bathroom for alrik

We are THAT Family said...

Oooh, print me one out too! After the day I had with my kids, I need to be reminded to 'not to hurt people'

Well Behaved Krissy said...

You're SO RIGHT. love it

Judy Haley said...

this is awesome!

christie said...

this is great!