The 'Walk-Away'...

I went to see about buying a new car today.....and I know for most people this is a dreaded affair...but not for me. I adore the haggling and negotiating. I love to have a poker face even though I am picturing myself in the car cruising down the road with the windows down and my favorite song on the radio. (there are oddly no children fighting in the back seat in this fantasy). And most of all I love 'the walk-away'. You know where they almost come close to the price you want- but not close enough, so you get up and thank them politely and WALK AWAY. 90% of the time you will have salesmen all but blocking your car to prevent you from leaving the lot....they want to close the deal- and miraculously, after performing said 'walk-away' technique they can always come down to match your price! I told you- I love this stuff! But today was a different story; they couldn't even come remotely close to what I needed in a monthly payment. So there was no drama, no banter, no negotiating.....just me walking to my car to go home. Happily my son came with me on this venture (I wanted him to see his mom in action!)....and he knew I was bummed he said 'mom at least we have a car'.....gosh- he was so right. That got me back to normal- and on my way back home. You know what? Jack and I sang to my favorite song, with the windows down on the way home....and it was perfect.

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