Fun with Jack and Tucker (episode #4)

"Have you guys played with your poor forgotten hamsters lately boys?- go play with them and give them some love" I do this occasionally so that they will bring me the cute little guys and I would get to play with them too. They never brought me a hamster.....I was not alarmed until..... (one hour passes) "Mom come upstairs! We made something cool!"
Well folks- here it is...Hamy De La Sunflower Seed. Yes, folks my boys built a hamster resort/condo/gym. Steve Wynn watch out. Look close; Google is on the top floor and Pixel is on the bottom. And the boys later changed the name to the 24 Hour Hammie Gym....comedy.....Massura style.


Amy said...

lol that's so cool! Whát's the hamster called?

Anonymous said...

Adorably creative and cute Massura