Rant of the Week: Stripper looking weather girls….

In case any of you out there are actually strippers I apologize;
You should never have to be compared to a weather girl.
On any number of channels here in the OC you will find the evening news weather girls that look –how to say this delicately…well, they look trashy. Oh- they are well groomed and clean enough…but good lord what is with the outfits? One in particular (I know you want me to name names- but I just can’t-but you can click here for curiosity) has the body of Barbie if Barbie had a boob-job to a DDD. She really looks top heavy and I fear she is going to fall into the green screen at any minute. And then to accentuate her upper figure she wears shiny satin tops almost everyday. Those boobs become sorta glowing orbs as she balances on her hooker pumps. Oh I wish I was making this up. I can see the interview process now, must have been like something out of Anchorman (Love Will Ferrell). “I see here you have no experience and are not a meteorologist, um…okay you are hired.” I know, I know- I can just change the channel. And I do. But the weather girl on the next channel is just as bad. Oh maybe she is brunette instead of blond, and she has a raspier voice….but basically she is the same. My other options are wait to get the weather from the insanely overweight and out of breath weatherman on the morning news. I can’t win. I have no idea what the weather will be today-so don’t ask.


Becky said... I feel you on this one...and I have to say it is not just the weather girls...what about the BROADcasters. I think that calling them broads is totally appropriate given that they usually have too much cleavage, too much makeup and too much emphasis on their hair.

The guys with their full suits, but the women, lets get as sleezy as we can. Oh and young. Women are only credible newswomen if they are young...but it seems the grayer and more feeble the men...the more "respectable" they get.

What the heck?

The Maid

Runningamuck said...

Oh my goodness! We are subject to watching this particular weather girl also (I'm very close to the OC) and she irritates the fire outta me. She's bad. Very bad. And on top (pun slightly intended) of her bad on camera skills and her oversized top half, she wears the worst outfits! I think I've seen her in ONE outfit EVER that actually was somewhat flattering on her. She needs a new stylist in the worst way.

The guys at Hubby's work always stop to watch her forecasts... for reasons other than finding out the temps for the night... grrrrrr.

Becky, I totally agree with you too.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

The women look like they arrived at work straight from a full night out at the club.