I am participating in a linky-blog party over at The Rose Room and was asked to show you all where the 'magic' happens...in other words my home office. This is one the first floor of my house and doubles as a guest room. That is not a headless, naked woman in the corner- it is my prized mannequin from many years past working in apparel. She has vintage pins and gloves resting on her. As well as hats I wear when I work out. I was also asked to share a few things about myself...
Relationship: Married for 10 years- and loving it
Children: 2 boys
Pets: 2 hamsters (named Pixel and Google)
Age: 37 *sigh* not happy about it either!
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Fave Food: oooo anything I don't have to cook! Okay Mexican or Italian
Fave Drink: Mojito....OR Absolute Currant and Cranberry....OR Stewart's Diet Orange soda
House Decor Style: Um, well transitional with vintage touches....and a slight influence of Pokemon cards and early Buzz Lightyear. ;)
Collections: Nothing firm. I love collecting the letter M for obvious reasons. And of course vintage ephemera....Oh- how I would collect it all if I could!
How Did You Get Into Blogging: I began leaving lots of comments on blogs like Emphasis Mine when it was suggested I do my own blog by a few people. One night at 4 in the morning when I couldn't sleep I created my blog. I have posted everyday since then (often more than once a day). My blog is my confessional, my soapbox and my joy. The fact that others enjoy peaking into my life and my distorted mind is simply thrilling to me!
One more...this is the left of my desk. Handmade 'cup' by my son for Mothers Day, a photo of my husband and a bulletin board full of tid-bits that probably tell alot about me!


The Rose Room said...

Hi Marcy, so nice to meet you. I like the headless, naked woman in the corner, nice touch! Another party goer said her decor was Fisher Price, totally relate to that and your pokemon/buzz decor. Thanks for coming to my party. See you again soon:) Rachael

Amy said...

hey girl! Nice to see where you blog from. At least your room is tidy, I had to blog about my office at work as my office at home needs a good clean.

Stephanie said...

Hi ~ just found your blog thru Racheal's 100 hr. party post! Nice to meet you. Your post about We ARE the PTA is a hoot! I look forward to visiting you often!

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