Day 2: Wisconsin Dells...vacation?

Day two- Wisconsin Dells...pseudo vacation. Today I experienced the most bizarre and wonderful thing Wisconsin Dells has to offer; The Duck boats. The Duck boats were created for WWII and used as land AND sea vehicles (um, yeah a BOAT). Then some smart guy in the 50's bought up all the left over ones and opened up shop here in the Dells....the car/boat driver/captain was hysterical and is sure to move on to bigger and better jobs (think Jungle Cruise comedy)...and the river was gorgeous. Sadly, the man-made lake that used to be is now gone due to bad rains last week. (the entire lake emptied back into the river when a man-made dam of sorts gave way). Four homes were lost as well. And tons more went from lakefront property to mud-crater front property over night. I took video of our amphibious decent into the water....I can not explain how darn fun this was. These are real cars too- I mean this BOAT picked us up at our hotel! Do you know the comedy of driving down the road in a BOAT? I was giddy with photo possibilities!

Oh lots more happened today- including the Rick Wilcox magic show in which Jack was asked to go on stage. He did so much and was so funny...people asked to take pictures with Jack after the show! Oh he was loving it big time! And we ate at a place called 'Moosejaw" where I was greated by MORE dead animals all over the place...but a killer chicken soup. Oh and paper antlers for all of us to wear....but I am having fun...especially since the idea of 'dressed up' seems to be 'puttin on my good flip flops'....this place takes casual to a whole new level folks!


Crystal said...

They have these things in Boston, too. They are all painted purple there for some reason. I had a blast on my Duck Tour, too!

Suzanne said...

Never heard of them. Sounds like fun though.