This confuses me.

The year: 1971.

The plan: slumber party

Apparently the kids were sent to sleep in some sort of bizarre storage pantry with crates for shelves full of fruit and bags of coffee (I hope it is coffee). Most disturbing? The body-less Ragady Ann head on the top crate. After layering the floor with a sea of patterns, a popcorn machine with insanely large popcorn kernels was placed on the floor for nurishment. Thirsty? Take a sip of mystery beverage out of the flower pot we provided kids! Do I even need to mention the egg on the wall? Do I? Sleep well kiddies.....sleep well.


Threeundertwo said...

The first thing I noticed was the creepy Raggedy Ann head.

This looks like something from "Interior Desecrations." I once made the mistake of flipping through that book in the library and nearly 1)peed my pants and 2) got kicked out for laughing out loud.

Anonymous said...


NillaWafer said...

i thought it was something out of a miniature museum. of course, the bodyless tragedy ann was right up my alley.

forgive the lack of capital letters and typos, i am typing via one hand and holding little droolio with the other.

Amy said...

I guess that "artiste" look was in back then, you know using basic stuff to look cool. Personally it looks like there's too much going on in the room - cool idea though :-)

Suzanne said...

Great! Now I'm going to have nightmares about that Raggedy Ann head. Thanks Marcy!

Becky said...

Makes me want to go...and the Loony Bin? Hysterical.

I love when people have a sense of humor. :)

It would have been just as funny if they sold a smaller bottle of grape and called it Mini-soda.

:) Tell Jack I share his comedic warpedness.

The Maid

Soliloquy said...

No! No no no!

Were you in a (gasp)...... museum, of sorts?!

Could it be that my birth year is now of an age that it is something we need to display in a MUSEUM?!

Say it isn't so. Please say I'm terribly mistaken.

I'm not old enough to have MY era in a museum!!!

foolery said...

I'm praying that that is hideous linoleum and not hideous carpet. Either way it's hideous, but why go to all that work to weave such crap into a carpet? And why are those poor teenagers having to lie on unpadded linoleum? No WONDER the 70s became the Me Decade. SOMEBODY had to look out for them!

p.s. I actually sort of like the egg, in an ironic kind of way.

Ann said...

I had that popcorn popper!