I have been tagged by my buddy Nik at Prose and Converse to answer an insane amount of questions about myself. This feels a bit like an e-harmony questionnaire....but forget it all you hot male models out there...I am a happily married woman! But I it is folks...
Five things in my purse:
1. Gum ( I may need Gum rehab for my addiction)
2. Lipstick (in a silly lipstick holder with a mirror too)
3. Two bouncy balls (emergency entertainment for the boys)
4. Sunscreen stick (for da boys AND me. I have been know to cover whole bodies using the stick!)
5. Camera (always, always, always have a camera charged and ready to shoot)
Five favorite things in my bedroom:
1. My temper-pedic bed (it is as good as the commercials say)
2. My husband (seriously- this is the only time we get to talk alone!)
3. My treadmill (It is a love/hate relationship)
4. My aqua blue satiny bed spread (SO glamorous)
5. A framed copy of my wedding invitation (the happiest day of my life I think)
Five things I’ve always wanted to do:
1. Work as a photog for National Geographic (not the nature stuff..the people stuff)
2. Drive cross country. Preferably Route 66....
3. Own a Cuban bar/restaurant called 'The Mango Room' and serve Mango Mojitos. This will require Tito Puente performing opening night. Oh, I am also skinny and wearing a fabulous 1940's dress and hair-do in this fantasy.
4. Be a stand up comedian. Actually I think I AM a stand up comedian- I just have no audience. Is that really necessary?
5. Renew my vows with hubbby.....OR go to a surprise party for ME! (I am starved for attention I think- so pathetic!)
Five things I’m currently into:
1. Sunscreen...because at my age I must learn to deflect the sun.
2. Trying to be AUTHENTIC and honest at all times. I am trying to LOVE myself more...
3. Lipton Diet Papaya Ice Tea
4. Splenda everything (I am their biggest fan I swear)
5.Social risk taking...risk taking in general...just putting myself out there... and embracing ALL that is ME.
Five impressions on Nik at Proverse and Converse (who tagged me):
1. Her blog is one of the very first I read when I log into my reader each day. And I follow about 50 blogs....I look forward to her posts!
2. Her kids are as beautiful and her (and she is VERY beautiful)
3. She is a very talented writer...
4. She inspires me to do better as a blogger
5. We could be great real life friends if we lived closer and she could accept how old I am! But I fear I would 'mother' her to is all I know!
Next is Six Quirks. Here (some) of mine:
1. I have a hard time writing or being creative at all if my house is a mess. I clean first.
2. I LOVE to organize. Sometimes I organize a closet just for FUN...
3. I put salt on my watermelon
4. I never eat left-overs.
5. I sing A LOT. I sing all day to my kids -it is like a mommy opera around here. "Time to go to BED! La La La"....and they sing back to me. I love it. Oh and in case you are wondering- I don't even think I am a very good singer....I just feel happy and sing!

So there you have it folks. WAY more than you wanted to know about me....if you are still reading it is my turn to 'tag' someone else. But I am not gonna- because I sense we are all suffering from blogger fatigue these days (lots of my bloggy friends are worried they are not keeping up as well as they should)....SO I encourage ANY of you to do this little questionnaire...and let me know so I can read all about YOU!!!!


Threeundertwo said...

Salt on watermelon? People do this?

Soliloquy said...

Honestly, girl. The more I know, the more I LOVE.

Stand-up comedian for no one?

Surprise party for your attention starved self?

Authentic, honest, self-lovin'...

Organizin', singin', FABULOUS you.

Love it all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing!
You are so hilarious, so loveable.
You can mother me all you want, you seem like one of the coolest moms out there!

Becky said...

I want to inherit your need to clean before I blog.

If I press up real close to the screen, will you thump me on the head with some of that?

The Maid