She's so Crafty!

Whew! It is OVER. I survived my KDOC TV there way to early (I have to be JUST like Suzanne in EVERYTHING), and threatened my kids to be quiet like 9 million times while we waited in a conference room about 20 feet from the actual set where the news was being filmed. We had to set up the display table about 3 FEET from the news desk while they were taping...and in SILENCE in about 5 minutes. This was so so nerve wracking. Next week I am gonna ask them to wheel the table out to set it up I think. Finally the segment began. I did not get to talk about ANY of the actual crafts (upload coming soon)...nope I sorta just chatted with the news person about crafts in general. After watching I think I look about as fat as I expected- which is actually good, since I was afraid I was gonna fall into a deep depression after seeing myself on TV. Before I knew it-Voila! it was over.....Oh, and they put up the wrong web address for my blog on the screen. So that majorly sucks....but I go back next week.....I should be MUCH better at all this by then! If nothing else it was a great field trip for my boys....ya know when they have to write 'What I did over Summer Vacation' in the Fall - they can add 'I was on TV'....that should impress the ladies I think.


Threeundertwo said...

Yeah! Congratulations! You look great, your nails look great, and I'm sure if we could see them, your sons' toenails look great too.

We are THAT Family said...

You. Are. A. SuperStahhh!