SOS from my children!

I ran out to do some errands and came home to an empty house this afternoon. Husband took the boys to HIS softball practice. Well it is very hot here today (pushing 100 degrees) so I got this e-mail on my Blackberry, from Jack who had obviously taken my husband's Blackberry to send an SOS message. The desperation just cracks me up. I mean these are BOYS at a PARK...not someone stranded in some foreign prison...
Mom its me jack and me and tucker really need you to pick us up at the field because its hot and humid and were bored by the way its a different field so you need to park at the schools lot and cut through the gate and keep walking till you here or see us. Please please please come and pick me up. Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

When I arrived they ran to me like i was FEMA coming to their aid. On the way to the car we had a chat.

Me: Ya, know boys some people do not even have air conditioning at all.

Tucker: I know that mom- but we DO. And I like it!

Oh boy...I think the glamorous life is having an effect on my boys too!