Dinner at the beach & my big mouth....

Last night I went to dinner with Suz, Laurie and Chris in San Clemente. And true to form I talked way too much, which is something I do on first 'dates'. As I am talking my mind is coaching me thru my anxiety and nerves and I hear this from command central in my brain....'okay you want them to like you right? Then just keep talking! Go on that is make them laugh...good keep going...use your hands more when you talk....tell another funny story...don't stop. KEEP TALKING.Just keep TALKING'. So there I am talking about my childhood in the OC, whether or not my husband reads my blog (he does), renaming Chris's insanely successful Tech placement company 'Geeks-R-Us' (sorry for that) and all the while I am using my hands to gesture wildly like some kind of interpretive dancer on crack. I wish I could say this was worse than 'normal; for it is pretty standard stuff. That is the magic of me. Nuff said. On the way back up the 241 to the land of gracious living I was saying a prayer of thank you to the universe, for giving me the opportunity to meet these people. These are no ordinary people. I meet all of them thru blogging. That is our common thread. And I am simply amazed at all blogging has given to me in 6 months. AMAZED. Answered prayers people.
Laurie was just as funny and articulate in real life as she is on her blog. I was fascinated to learn she is a long time blogger (like YEARS), she grew up on a huge Dairy Farm, is terribly tech challenged (whaaa? no cell phone?) and has been known to herd cows (and children) in heels. Chris was that mega smart, mellow and calm surfer guy you see and think..'that guy is just friggin cool'...and well, he was. And although this was not my first time with Suzanne (we go way back- like months back) I learned a lot about her childhood and motivations for the menagerie of pets in her home. And it touched my heart.
Of course blogging was discussed ad nauseam. Actually I think the table next to us was playing a drinking game- and was doing a shot of tequila every time they heard us say the word 'blog'. They were wasted after about 20 minutes and were asked to leave*. We discussed 'blog direction', topics that are too personal for a personal blog and even how we handle the 'stress' associated with having readers, subscribers and all the rest. I learned, I laughed, I cried...and god knows I TALKED. and TALKED. Forgive me new friends...I promise I get better in time. Okay not necessarily 'better'....but.....well, more tolerable.
(*not really. But could've happened....and no photo yet. I am waiting for Chris or Suz to post the ones they took. Cuz ya know I didn't take one single photo. Yeah I am a hell of a photographer don't you think?)


Always Home and Uncool said...

I sometimes think blogging is a worse addiction than than my love of black-and-tans drinking.

Moment passed. Time to check Feedburner stats again.

Chris said...

Thanks for the kind words. You rock!

Pic coming soon.

foolery said...

Miss Marcy, you had NOTHING to be nervous about. You are funny and articulate and refreshingly honest and did I say funny? and interesting and IF YOU DON'T BLOG SOON ABOUT SOME OF YOUR FASCINATING BACKGROUND I WILL STAGE A REVOLT!

'Cause I tend to be revolting a lot.

Loved meeting you; I'll gush more in private later so I don't drive any readers away.


-- Laurie @ Foolery

p.s. Is this where I should say something about a contest? ha ha

christie said...

Sounds like you had some good fun with good people. I'm a nervous talker too...

Suz Broughton said...

Marcy, it was fun to be able to talk about blogging without any fear of the person dozing off or quickly changing the subject. It was refreshing.

Candid Carrie said...

I can picture it. The arms flailing. Please like me. I do it, too. From the sounds of your comments, they loved you to pieces. Now as soon as you have a chance to email me private with more details, go ahead ;)

Ann said...

Oh Marcy!
I bet it was great. It sounds like a wonderful night!

(I should have mentioned this on Friday, however tonight is the closing of my first virtual girls-night-out. It started as a rant on Friday and has taken a weekend to get through!
So, if you need to just let loose, come on over! It's taken on a life of its own.)

Ok, Where Was I? said...

What an interesting group to be able to gather with. I'm glad to have found your blog through that, and I'm going to get right on that fruit basket. Oh, and I totally love insane people.