My first Award! Yippeee!

I won an award people! This is the first blog-award I have won and it means a lot to me. Lit and Laundry gave it to me! In case you are new to this whole thing- there are a few awards that sorta float out in the blogosphere...and are awarded by fellow bloggers. Once you receive you are to select new winners (in this case 7). Generally it means someone thinks your blog is pretty neat.....and well, that is just darn flattering. Okay so here are my 7 folks to pass it on hard to pick. Since I think everyone on my blogroll is worth reading and I just sorta promoted some of my favorites here. But here are 7 more!

Yes, I am fearfully and wonderfully the maid, Shamelessley Sassy, From under the Laundry Pile, One Crazy Chick, Blah Blah Blog, Always Home and Uncool, Lisa Mertins Life Illustrated

If you don't know these blogs- take a peek today. All are entertaining and worth the price of admission! Thanks again Lit and Laundry for this award!


ThatGirl said...

I don't know ANY of those blogs, so off I go! Congrats on your award ;)

Ann said...

I WILL go visit those blogs. How fun!
Congratulations on this award.
You are oh-so-very-deserving!!!

christie said...

You deserve it!

lisa mertins said...

thank you so much marcy for mentioning me! and congratulations on your prize :)