Happy Birthday 1980 style

Its 1980 and its your birthday! You are turning 4...and all you ever wanted is on this page. I am not sure who is the birthday girl/boy here..pretty sure it isn't the Harry Potter glasses girl on the right. I bet it is the smug pretty in pink one. Now in 1980 I would have been 10 (there now you know my age- now be nice and don't rub it in...I know I am OLD, just ask the AARP), but I remember alot of the toys on this page- so some of these were around for a while. I really remember the cupie-looking doll in pink towards the bottom of the ad. It used to bug the heck out of me that I couldn't take her hood off her head. And she was filled like a bean-bag. I think I really loved her- even though my mom says I wasn't much for doll playing at all. But my favorite part of this pic...the camera the mom is holding. Remember those flash bulbs?


Her Shabbiness said...

I was eight in 1980. The only toy that looks familiar is the yellow shopping cart. I didn't have one but I remember wanting one.
I guess I had more dolls and Barbies than the toys in the pictures. And yes, I remember the cameras with the big flash bulbs.
I think the little girl with the glasses borrowed them off her Mrs. Beasely doll. Remember her?

Ann said...

Hey, get this.
My mom tells a story that I ATE one of those flash bulbs, at a young age of course.
(There's a joke in there somewhere...)

HRH said...

I am as old as you. Exactly. Don't those toys look too young for four compared with what kids these days are playing with? Don't you like how I added the "kids these days" like we are 76 instead of 1/2 that?

NillaWafer said...

Baby Beans! I think my parents emotionally scarred me by giving me a yellow baby beans instead of the pretty blonde pink one that everyone else had.

Happy Mommy said...

I had the grocery cart and the see and say... I was 2 in 1980.

Amy said...

oooh I use to want the cash register and the shopping cart and..and..well everything!