2 boys, 1 shame

Coming down stairs I say..."Hey honey where are the boys?"

"They are just out front- I don't know what they are up to."

Well, folks- this is what they were up reason. Just cuz......

I think this might have adverse effect on their gifted and talented status...but they might have promising careers playing a non convincing horse in a Renaissance Fair someday. You really gotta watch it for any of this to make sense!



lynnjax said...

Uuuuuuuuh there's no shame in being called the dragon, right????? I get that all the time.

Amy said...

lol that's funny!

proseandconverse said...

Ha ha, the best part is that you have that video to hold over thier heads

Heart of Wisdom said...

No boredom problem at your house, huh?
lol, too funny
Thanks for posting;

Crystal said...

This video really strikes my fancy and makes me laugh so hard when I see it. I think your boys are so adorable and this is just one more reason why. I think maybe it's because being a fellow M.O.B. myself I so appreciate boys. I was a girly-girl with only a sister and this is something we NEVER, ever would have thought of doing with a box.