My Choice....

Mother’s Day is the most important day of the year for ME (emphasis on the ME)…I like my birthday and Christmas- heck I even like Arbor day………….but Mother’s Day represents something so special and important to me. It represents MY CHOICE. I chose motherhood and the glamorous life and all that goes with it. I very deliberately DECIDED to become a wife and mother. And that is something I love to celebrate. So one day a year I adore gliding through my day reading cards from my children, eating breakfast made by my husband and maybe getting a small gift. It is the way they say very tangibly “thank you for choosing to be a mom”….and well I drink it all in. This year- hubby surprised me early with a new (and quite fabulously indulgent) gift …my new and very very apple green purse. I have coveted this purse for months-even going to ‘visit’ it while shopping at the mall. And now it belongs to me…and I am reminded that my family appreciates me everytime I look at it. Not that I wouldn’t know that otherwise…but still..isn’t it a lovely purse?
Happy Mother’s Day. Best decision of my life.


Suzanne said...

I love this purse. I admired this purse on Friday. I might steal this purse. I like the scarf on this purse. I might steal that, too.
Just kidding my friend! Happy Mom's day.

daytrippingmom said...

Happy Mothers Day- I was also admiring the same purse on Thursday at the Brea Mall. It's gorgeous.