Consider this a public service announcement folks....I am a giver..and well, I care about your thighs.
As most everyone knows- I am perpetually 'on a diet'...okay 'I watch what I eat'...whatever....and a few months ago Micky D's came out with a whole line of 'fancy coffees to compete with the Starbucks of the world....I am sucker for anything New and I ordered myself a big ol'large vanilla iced coffee. And guess what- Micky D's has managed to take something I get at Starbucks which has about 100 calories and no fat (non-fat milk used at Starbucks and Micky D's is pre-mixed they said) something that will destroy any effort to fit into a bathing suit this summer.
Calories: 270!!!!!
Fat grams: 11!!!!!!!!
Are you kidding? No wonder it tasted so darn good..after my first sip I began calculating how I could fit in a Micky D run every single day! Until I checked the nutritional info on-line when I got home......when will I learn that if it tastes good- I CAN'T HAVE IT!!!! Consider yourself warned.


Becky said...

That is why I love me some diet coke.

I'm sure it is making me fatter, but as long as the label says zero cals, then I am on board.

Yep, I am developing a life long case of rot gut, but mmmm, the blissful burn of phosphoric acid!


The Maid

Suzanne said...

Tragically, I love these too.
must stick with Diet Coke...must stick with Diet Coke...must stick with Diet Coke...

lynnjax said...

That's why I went back to my old standby. Starbucks venti iced coffee, about 2 tbsp of half and half and a sweet and low.... 40 cal., 3.5 gr fat... and AAAAAALL the caffeine. WHOOYA. Can run a treadmill marathon, concept an ad campaign and help my son with math all at once after one of those babies. Ok, maybe not. I aspire to be the super mom career goddess sex kitten... LOL... but it'll never happen. So I keep on lovin my iced coffees hoping for a caffeine-induced miracle some day.