This is my photo for Exposroonie weekly photo challenge. The goal of Exposaroonie and these challenges is to push photogs to take deliberate photos...not to pull from our inventory for one that fits the theme. I have never taken an actual photography class-so I am finding these challenges to be difficult for me! The theme this week was 'rule of thirds'...and I took this photo from Mustard's restaurant in the Orange Circle....this is the Sunkist Building on Glassell, and in case you are wondering the trucks logo is "Bombshell Ink" which I think makes it even more cool no? I had a wait a bit to get the photo while no other cars were passing by! No, it is not the world's greatest photo- certainly not the best I have ever taken...but I still like it! Perhaps because the Orange Circle is my 'happy place' can vote for my photo here.

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daytrippingmom said...

I love the picture. You have a great eye!!