Introducing: Inky-Me

Well folks here it is. My first Illustration for my blog done around midnight one evening... and is a total waste because I can not upload the image any larger on Blogger! I suppose there is way to do it....but I can't figure it out yet. (hey if you know leave me a comment and let me in on the secret!) So I will have re-create the text besides the lovely sketch of "Inky-Me"......(FYI- I would NEVER wear a pink shirt with green shorts in real life. But Inky-Me loves it)

I'm A Blogger....R You?

  • Dry, Blurry Eyes from too much screen time.
  • Need a root touch up/haircut
  • spaced out look...planning next blog post while listening to others
  • Tense shoulders from lack of comments
  • Pathetic self promoting tee
  • Extra lbs from avoiding the gym
  • sore back from HOURS hunched over keyboard
  • Notebook in pocket for all those ideas...
  • phone in hand to Twitter night and day
  • possible 'Blogger Butt"
  • Nail polish chipped at tips from constant typing
  • Carpal Tunnel developing...going to buy gel wrist pad next week
  • legs: white from not seeing daylight in months
  • Comfort shoes (slippers, Ughs, whatever....)

Happy to e-mail image to any fellow bloggers out there!


Anonymous said...

IT IS SO DARLING! I just clicked on the pic and it was big enough to read. You really are amazingly talented & so right on :)

Suzanne said...

I just clicked on it too! Is there anything you CAN"T do sister? The illo is so cute. All so true!
You forgot the margarita though...

ThatGirl said...

double-clicked and lohoooved it

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

OK. Thank you for that list.

Over dinner tonight I was trying to explain the whole blogging habit that has turned into a lifestyle got me. To my husband.

When I started saying things such as "Well Soup and I..." and "Foolery did this.." Well, it doesn't really matter what follows out of my mouth. Because all credibility is down the toilet with non-bloggers, aka MEN.

I very much resemble everything on your list. Hallelujah I'm not alone.

Kristina said...

You can also upload to a place like PhotoBucket and host the picture there and copy over to the blog. :) If that makes sense!

Found your blog on! Funny, funny! :)

Kandace said...

OMG! I Love this illo...amazing and so accurate.

Anonymous said...

You are THE BEST!!!

foolery said...

Hi Miss Glamorous!

Been meaning to stop by and this is the first chance I've had. By now you know we can all see your terrific illustration by clicking it. So cute, and I fit that description too well, I'm afraid.

Thanks for the nice comments at my blog, and see you all of the internets!

-- Laurie @ Foolery

HRH said... are WAY too talented and making the rest of us look bad in the drawing department.

I am raising my hand because I qualify and shuddering at blogger butt.

franticallysimple said...

I am looking way way up and I can see the bar. You know, the one that you just raised? I might try to reach it, but my blogger butt would probably keep me grounded.

marigold said...

Wow, you are really talented! I love your drawings!