No more teachers! No more books!

Today is the last day of School! (for my kids anyway...)

When I was a kid (a long, long time ago) on the last day of school, some kids (not this kid-but OTHER kids- those risky ones) would take their old gym shoes and tie the laces together and throw them over the telephone wires on the way home from school (yes, back then we were allowed to walk to school-shocking I know).....and there the shoes would dangle for all the world to see - forever. Seemed like they never came down. I remember gazing out the back of our wood panelled station wagon on the way to the Alpha Beta grocery store and see the same pairs of shoes, on the same wires - for years. Now most of the phone wires in the OC are buried underground, and most public schools don't even offer gym class (P.E. I mean) this whole bizarre tradition is disappearing. I was surprised to read online, that people have attributed this tradition to have other meanings...but I remember very clearly why we did it. We did it because it was funny. We did it because we knew would make the 'grown-ups' mad. And mainly we did it because - well, because-we could.


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ThatGirl said...

Hey! I just learned something! Now when I see shoes up there I'll have the right context ;)

Thanks for your comment on my blog. "You get me."

Suzanne said...

I remember that too. And throwing our books on the roof of the school.
I wish I could have that feeling again, just once. I remember it so well, the last day of school--anything seemed possible!