My taste of a Jubilee...

As you all know by now (because I can't shut up about it) my boys 'graduated' from school and are out for the summer. The school scheduled their 'promotions' (sounds like they get a raise as well-but alas they do not) at different times on the same day. 9:00 Jack, and 12:00 each boy chose a place to 'celebrate' afterwards. Jack chose Bagel Me which is across the street from his school and is kinda like Happy Day's Arnold's for his classmates. Tucker wanted to go to Polly's Pies (a chain coffee shop place). Boy was he thrilled when we saw 'mocktails' on a new menu. Although there is always a voice in my head saying 'aren't mocktails kinda like candy cigarettes? Is this the best parenting move to encourage?'.......naturally I ignored the voice in my head and told Tucker to order what ever he wanted from the waitress. "A Berry Brazzle Jubilee and a corndog please!" After all - he is officially a 2nd grader now...time to get the party started don't ya think?
FYI: Tuck insisted it was the best tasting drink ever. I tried it- and had to work really hard to muster a 'mmm ya that IS good' was no Jubilee folks. It wasn't even Berry Brazzle- county fair. But HE loved it and that was all that matters.

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Sarah Beth said...

Oh my that picture is too cute for words.